Summer isn’t the only beautiful, busy season in Lake Tahoe. It’s a peak destination for avid winter sports athletes and for those who just come for the views. In the past, it’s started snowing as early as September, so by the time winter officially rolls around, everything is covered in the most picturesque blanket of snow. There’s something special about winter weddings in Tahoe, and every year, I look forward to the winter wedding trends and spins that winter couples add to their day. Here’s what I’m hoping to see this year: 

Winter Wedding Trends

What to serve.

Guests are more likely wearing layers and comfier clothes, so go for colder weather feel-good foods like richer, heavier dishes: creamy pasta sauces, dark roasts with dressing and gravy, and butternut squash. For dessert? Glad you asked. Gingerbread, hazelnut, peppermint, bourbon, maple, and spiced carrot add subtle touches to any cake, cookie, truffle, or winter wedding treat flavor, filling, or frosting.

A hot cocoa bar (complete with marshmallows, chocolate morsels and maybe something to spike it) is a must-have. Chai and cinnamon tea are in-season non-alcoholic choices. Need a signature drink? Think spiked, warm cider, coffee, or hot toddies with cinnamon stick straws. Eggnog? If you’re into it.

Winter Wedding Trends

What to wear.

Winter wedding trends

For winter weddings, we go bold. Think navy blue and emerald—jewel tones pop against stark white, snowy backdrops. Deep red and emerald are obvious choices for weddings near the holidays. If you’re not feeling like a brave bride or groom, explore adding these colors to wedding party dresses and suits. Velvet and tweed suits, ties, or shoes? Do it. 

Keep it classy (and stay warm) with faux fur wraps and jackets. Long sleeves, capes, and layers are the name of the game this winter in Tahoe.

Winter Wedding Trends
Winter Wedding Trends

How to decorate.

Cranberries, evergreen, holly, and pinecones add depth and season-appropriate texture to bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Looking for something more traditional? Poinsettias are a classic showstopper, perfect centerpieces and alter/arch decor. Silver and gold accents add polish and visual interest without going overboard on the holidays theme. Going for something more casual? Leave some throw blankets around for guests to cozy up during the ceremony and reception.

Mahogany and pine wood paired with buffalo check napkins and accents give a warm, cozy vibe. Add moody candles and grand candle holders for drama. Custom wood burned coasters or ornaments make for memorable favors.

Winter wedding trends

Things to do.

Whether you’re getting married near the shore, the middle of the woods, or on a mountain top, Tahoe has plenty of winter venue options for your dream day. As a winter season destination, Tahoe has tons of lodging options for guests, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and more. 

Plus, for guests who aren’t particularly outdoorsy, we have tons of five-star spas and saunas for relaxation. Be sure to book your reservations as far in advance as possible to beat our peak season rush.

Skiing in Lake Tahoe
Winter wedding trends
Adventure mountain

Here are my favorite Tahoe-local venues that have fun winter activities for all wedding guests:

Basecamp Tahoe South

Tahoe Beach Retreat

Adventure Mountain

Kirkwood Mountain Resort

OR Need some more winter wedding inspo? Check out some of my favorite winter weddings like Lisa and Jeff’s at the Chateau in Incline Village or Michelle and Rich’s at the Landing Resort Lake Tahoe. Thinking about a winter elopement in Tahoe? Check out my wedding elopement photography services.