I discovered recently that I am not particularly into architectural and real estate photography.

I also discovered, however, that I love product photography.


I was elated when the owner of Winterhill Farms approached me to do some product photography for them, partially because I discovered how wonderful product photography is in the process but also because I selfishly lust over their products.

Winterhill Farms specializes in the best certified extra virgin olive oils in the area and they are divine.  They are luscious and delicate, with a robust olive oil taste and come infused with things like garlic, jalapeno, basil or lemon if you so choose.

They are unbelievable.  Trust me.  


Commercial product photography is pretty awesome for a variety of reasons, the best of which is that I can drink wine while I shoot in the comfort of my own home.  I set up a small studio in my office with three lights, a folding table, a huge 4 foot wide, 10 foot long piece of white cardboard that I convinced some visual merchandising reps for Bounty at our local Staples Store to give me instead of throwing in the trash (seriously), and a piece of plexiglass.  This was yet another experience where I discovered how valuable my expensive film degree at UT where I  learned lighting was.


 In addition to olive oils, Winterhill Farms offers artisanal balsamic vinegars, chutneys, local jams and jellies, honeys, relish, and best of all, dark chocolates and truffles infused with orange or habanero (my favorite)!  If you are local to the northern CA area, Winterhill Farms offers hosted Olive Oil Parties as a delicious way to gather and taste their products.  Their olive oils can be purchased in Tahoe at my favorite place to drink Apres Wine Co and the Farmers Market at the American Legion every Tuesday (8 AM-2 PM) in the summer.

If you aren’t in Tahoe, you can order their products via mail order on their website, or in the Northern CA area, pick up Winterhill Olive Oil at my favorite vineyard, Holly’s Hill, of which I am both a wine club member and an emphatic and insistent fan, or at their storefront at 321 Main St in Placerville.


  I have nothing but respect, admiration and love for people who are passionate about their product.  I have been a fan of Winterhill Olive Oil long before my professional relationship with them began and I will forever sing their accolades now that I have worked for them.  I strongly recommend you order their products; you will not regret it!

You can follow Winterhill Olive Oil on facebook via this link.

Read a great article about Winterhill on page 41 of Living Magazine.