Our Intro to the Redwoods: Hiouchi Trail

Morning in the Redwoods

After my morning photo session, I returned to camp to wake my lazy still-sleeping friends up. We went on a gorgeous 3 mile run and then feasted on super amazing smoked salmon and egg breakfast tacos. Our plan for the day was to hike the 2.2 mile Hiouchi Trail into Stout Grove. I really enjoy how the description on that website refers to the trail as a hike through “mostly through uninteresting mixed-species forest at the edge of the old growth redwoods.” I would have to disagree.

Exhibit A: you get to walk through trees.

Exhibit B: you get to stare at the canopy through the trunks of trees.

The hike actually took us quite sometime because we kept stopping to stare gape at various things, like bugs and big trees, which at this point, were a very new novelty to us.

Hiking the Hiouchi Trail, Jedediah Smith State Park

Gaping at Massive Trees, Hiouchi Trail, Jedediah Smith State park

We were marveling at all the things that we were still yet uniformed on regarding the redwoods, like how trees grow out of the sides of trees.

See that downed tree there? There are trees growing out of the tree.

We would come to find out much later in the day, thanks to Ranger Dan, all about how these magnificent trees have managed to last so long and why they do the crazy things they do.

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