Fun fact: I have a Film Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Not only do I have a film degree, but I know how to use it. For years, while living in Austin, TX before moving to Tahoe, I worked in the film industry as an Assistant Director (AD) or Production Assistant (PA), depending on the size of the project. I’m even on IMDB. So, when my best friend’s brother asked me to come up and help assist with the making of Allen Stone’s Allen-Tines Day Special, I didn’t hesitate before saying yes.

It’s been a weird ride since Covid started, we all know it, but January was particularly hard on me as I grappled with the realization that for the third year in a row, running my business is going to be a significant challenge and that I am unlikely to have enough work to sustain me. Having something to do for a week, a reason to get out of bed each day, and a group of hard working people around me was so creatively fulfilling. The energy of being on set with a bunch of hilarious, creative musicians with a wacky vision and a crazy idea was so rewarding.

You can see our work from Feb 12-22nd and tickets are on sale now. The Allen Stone’s Allen-Tines Day Special features Allen Stone, Teddy Swims, Julian Gavilanes and Tom Cantillon as the pop sensations Round’N 3rd, who reunite decades after they broke the band up. They will sing 90’s R&B magic like ‘U Got It Bad’ by Usher, ‘ Back At One’ by Brian Mcknight and many more and I can say with certainty – this shit is lit.

If you’re not familiar with these folks, let me give you a grand introduction because you 100% should.

Allen Stone is an American soul musician with an incredible voice. His most recent album, Building Balance, was released at the end of 2019 and led to a 3 month US tour and an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. Just as he was supposed to embark to Australia to promote the album, Covid hit. Instead of letting disappointment drag him down, Allen and his longtime childhood best friend Julian Gavilanes started a podcast, How Goods This and a youtube series available for live-streaming through Patreon called Live at the Lodge, a Liberty Lake-based weekly streaming show featuring local and out-of-state guests.

Their constant weekly creativity spurred a new idea: a Christmas holiday spectacular with a script written by Julian and both classic holiday tunes and Allen Stone originals. The project was so well-received that the group decided to return for round two with a Valentine’s day themed spectacular about a 90’s boy band who get back together decades later for a Valentine’s day reunion show.

This time around, they are joined by Tom Cantillon and Teddy Swims.

Teddy Swims just recently went big with a youtube video that caught the attention of Warner Records who released his new single “Broke” and WME who signed the virtually unknown artist to their representation roster.  Just a little over a year and a half ago, this guy was waiting tables at a Chili’s. Today is a whole new world for him. Just last week, he was named one of Rolling Stone’s Artists to Watch. His new single, My Bad, premiered last week.  Unofficially and personally, I can say this kid has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s caring and gregarious with an infectious energy, exceptional comedic timing, and some pretty sweet dance moves.

Tom Cantillon is no stranger to the music industry: he’s a 15+ year veteran and although he recently took some time off to be with his growing family (he has a new daughter!), he’s going to be pursuing a solo career and his new single “Young Love” comes out right after the Allen-tines Day Special.  He has jazz hands for days, can pirouette like a pro, and is 100% not camera shy. At all. I have the photos to prove it.  You can follow Tom over on his IG to keep track of his new single release and solo career.

Here’s a selection of my favorite photos from the week but you’ll have to tune in on Friday to catch the show!