Snowglobe Music Festival

Snowglobe 2014: Lauren’s Picks | Day 1

Welcome to Snowglobe! Festivals are my favorite way to discover new music, so be sure to catch a few of these lesser known acts on Day 1 of the festival.  Single day tickets and the schedule are still available on their website.

Vokab Kompany

Vokab Kompany plays the main stage at SnowGlobe 2013.

  • Vokab Company: Main Stage, 3:30-4:30.  Vokab Company is no stranger to Tahoe and these MCs from San Diego have built up quite a following here with their special blend of electronic, hip-hop, soul and funk.  Their super dynamic sound has garnered them the title of “best hip-hop group” at the San Diego Music Awards for three years in a row now.   For fans of: Gift of Gab, Timbuktu, Hoodie Allen.
  • Emancipator Ensemble: Main Stage, 5:15-6:15.  Doug Appling’s blend of down-tempo and trip-hop is as delightfully alluring, calming and bleak as the weather from his hometown of Portland, OR.  With the recently added element of a four piece ensemble to his live shows, this set at SnowGlobe will capture your attention.  Expect some harmonious string swells and rhythmic drum beats.  For fans of: Little Peaople, the xx, Tycho.
  • The Floozies: Sierra Tent, 8:45-10:00. This duo of brothers from Lawrence, KS play a blend of electronic music, accompanied by live drums and a guitar and self describe themselves as  “party rocking funk.”  I can attest to that description as they had the entire early afternoon crowd at Snowglobe movin’ and groovin’ last year on the main stage.  For fans of: Chromeo, MSTRKRFT.
The Floozies

The Floozies capture the attention of early festival goers at Snowglobe 2013.

Cali Rush

My friend Mikey Wier is pretty awesome. While Mikey calls Tahoe South home, he travels the world filming movies about snowboarding, splitboarding, and fly fishing. If I had remained in the film industry after college, Mikey is the person whose job I would want. Most recently, Mikey and his Tahoe based production company, Burl Productions, produced the well received fly-fishing adventure film SoulFish which featured some of the most talented anglers in the world. Patagonia, who sponsors Mikey, claims that the movie is fly fishing’s answer to The Endless Summer.

Mikey Wier White Water Rafting the Middle Fork of the American River

Mikey is currently raising capital to complete post production on his new film Cali Rush. Mikey envisions Cali Rush as a celebration of California’s “most adventurous and talented athletes that are in search of a more harmonious relationship with nature through sports, lifestyle, recreation and environmental technology.” It features the place that I call home as well as a number of my good friends: Tahoe South locals Joe Markus, Tarren Closson, Mark Hamm, Mike Olson, Dan Durkin, and Josh Daiek who won the 2012 Suburu Freeskiing World Tour this past weekend (a post on that to come!). In addition to all these folks that I am lucky to call friends, the film features a number of other Tahoe South locals like Pat Quinn and Pat Bonzer, front runners of the snow skate scene.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

I’m pretty excited for Mikey and his new movie. He has only 19 more days to raise the money on Kickstarter and could use every Tahoe local’s support! I encourage you to to support him and his awesome efforts.

“Join our community and let’s help shape the future and increase environmental awareness through sports, music, art, lifestyle and conscious energy.”

Tahoe Adventure Film Festival

Every year, the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival is one of Tahoe’s most well attended and grand events. It’s always a party and everyone is always hungover the next day. They showed a really awesome short film on Danny MacAskill’s trials riding titled Industrial Revolution. It was my favorite segment of the night.

Raina and Nicole


Wes King, owner of Tahoe Trail Bar, and Tahoe Adventure Film Fest Owner Todd Offenbacher

Brity and Rose

Dan aka Dango aka Green Jeans

Holly and Al

You can see all the photos from the evening here.

>So uncool.

>I am most definately sitting at home being as lame as possible on a Friday night. I am relentlessly refreshing the same web pages repeatedly, hoping something entertaining will appear while watching one of the dullest movies ever: In Her Shoes. It is a fairly worthless movie with Cameron Diaz about two sisters who supposedly have nothing in common but their shoe size. So original.

I did, however, discover this on For some reason, pics of cats pretending to be drunk does not get old. I can find more if you like.

>Winter Blues part duex

>On March 6th, I wrote a blog I titled “Winter Blues” lamenting the fact that Tahoe had been virtually snowless all winter. It is now March 26th and it is snowing, sideways, outside my window and the high is 18 tomorrow. IT’S A LITTLE TOO LATE GOD! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!

It’s a good thing I have a roaring fire going, a bottle of wine, and a movie about people slaughtering cows and serving up body parts as fast food. That really makes the evening cozy. Well, two bottles of wine is really key to the effect.

This evening, after work, Corey and I ran over to this tiny wine, food and gift shop around the corner from our house. It’s like a haven of city life in my tiny town. They have imported salamis and cheese, a tiny wine section, kitchen stuff and gifts, organic crackers and imported jams. It makes me feel normal. We picked up two bottles of wine from Spain because if you bought two you saved $4 a bottle. This seemed like a good idea. Once we opened the first one, I commented (prior to beginning the movie) that it would go well with steak. I now revise my statement. I do not want to eat meat again this week. Actually, Fast Food Nation has reminded me that I need to go on a meat haitus. I’d been meaning to for a while. It’s kind of like when I go on cookie detox, except it’s hamburger detox until I forget about how horrible red meat is. …next week, maybe?

I have off work tomorrow. It’s snowing. Sideways.

>Things I am currently excited about.

>Corey is in North Lake Tahoe tonight so I’m posting like mad (like mad! I tell you!) since I have no one to play with. Sierra is here, but you’ve seen the pictures of what she’s doing. Oh – wait – perhaps you haven’t. That’s the next blog down. Anyways, here’s a list of things that are currently making me jump up and down with sheer excitement:

1. The new Arcade Fire Album, Neon Bible. Arcade Fire is just wierd. Wierd but GENIUS. I first saw them at Austin City Limits in 2005. Actually, I listened. I was so exhausted I laid down near a speaker and listened to the complexity that is Arcade Fire. Apparently, for the new album, they released 100 songs under fake band names on and chose the most popular ones for the album. To which I would say, “I’m sorry, you did WHAT?”

2. The Diamonds ’07 tour with Digweed and MSTRKRFT. I’m driving to San Francisco a week from Friday to rendevue with our favorite DJ and I can’t wait.

3. Sophia Coppala’s Version of Marie Antoinette, an impressionistic, colorful, poignant look at a highly misunderstood and misreported figure. I watched it for the first time yesterday and am obsessed.

4. My Half Marathon. It’s only three weeks away. The farthest I’ve run is 7 miles. Shoot me. Why did I start this ridiculous business in the first place?

5. SNOW! It’s coming! Tonight!!! I’m hoping to wake up at 6 am and have to brush snow off my car to go to swimteam.

6. My athletics log. I found this free website you can use to log your sports: Running Ahead. So far, in the year 2007, I have run 117.2 miles, swam 33.5 miles, been to Spin class for 12 hours and 15 minutes and gone snowboarding a total of 22 hours. That’s right. I do athletics.

>My Top 10 Movies of 2006

>In light of the Oscar Nominations being released today, I’ve decided to compile my list of my favorite 10 movies from 2006. I have to say, however, that I’m pleasently suprised at some of the Oscar Nominations, including the choice of Little Miss Sunshine for Best Picture and Abigal, the precociously uncute 8 year old of the film, as Best Supporting Actress, not that either choice is undeserved, it’s just unlike the “Academy.” I am sad to see that Dave Chappell’s Block Party was forgotten in the documentary category – I thought it was wildly entertaining, extremely well done, and showed a lot of heart. It will be no surprise, however, when An Inconvenient Truth wins the Oscar as it deserves it completely. I am also shocked that both A Scanner Darkly and Over the Hedge failed to get an Oscar Nomination for Best Animated Film (although, I’m not sure if A Scanner Darkly is actually eligable). Although I haven’t seen Happy Feet, I think Over the Hedge was far more entertaining and fun than Cars, which was mediocre at best. Other noteworthy Academy shuns: X-Men III for Best Visual Effects, and Idlewild for Costumes, Art Direction, and Best Original Song. Did Dreamgirls really need THREE Best Song Nominations? Come on now.

My Top 10 Movies of 2006

10. Snakes on a Plane – In a newsbreaking turn of events, Samuel L. Jackson, the King of Cool, agrees to star in a movie so ridiculous it’s called Snakes on a Plane. I loved Snakes on a Plane for one, because owning the t-shirt was hip, and two, because it never pretended to be something it wasn’t. It was literally about snakes on a plane and it was the funniest movie I’ve seen in years.

9. Thank you for Smoking – The second funniest movie of 2006 was also an indie gem. Aaron Eckhart stars as a lobbyist for the tobacco industry. So funny, so unassuming, so queitly it came and went – it was one of those films that seemed to gather steam on DVD release and it definately deserved it.

8. A Prairie Home Companion – Robert Altman’s swan song about one of America’s most celebrated radio shows features an amazing ensemble cast including Woody Harrelson, John C Reilly, Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan (in the kind of role she needs to accept with greater frequency), Tommy Lee Jones, Virginia Madsen and Lily Tomlin. It was a priveledge to watch from start to finish.

7. A Scanner Darkly – Long awaited and subject to many delays, A Scanner Darkly is the Richard Linklaiter’s telling of the Phillip K. Dick story. With the help of Dick’s daughters, Rick, whose films I have worked on before, created a world that oozed the drugs that the story was about. Using the same style of live-action-animation as in Waking Life, the movie features animation over live-action film in a way that makes the entire film breathe as if you yourself were on the same hallucinogins as the cast of characters whose lives are being controlled by the highly addictive and debilitating drug “Substance D.” Although it stars Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr are who steal the show and make the film what it really is.

6. Children of Men – Alfonso Cuaron, one of my most favorite directors, adapts a novel into a beautifully striking and sorrowful look at the future. In the year 2027, the women of the world are no longer fertile and no one has been able to give birth in 15 years. Cuaron, whose previous films include Y Tu Mama Tambien, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azcaban, Great Expectations and the Little Princess, gives a harrowing look at human nature when faced with despair. Recalling Nazi war camps, the images, accompanied by a sinking music score, never allow you to become imune to the world of the film. Gripping, riveting, and on the edge of your seat involvement with one of the best films to get a wide release this year.

5. An Inconveneint Truth – Al Gore’s frightening presentation on global warming. Even if you aren’t a tree-hugging environmentalist, the science and statistics behind his speech are scary. A must see for all.

4. The Devil Wears Prada – Oh Meryl Streep, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Hilarious, fun, entertaing, and damn are they dressed well. Love it!

3. Little Miss Sunshine – Overhyped? No way. The little indie film that could who everyone “swears” is hilarious really is – but not until the big payoff in the final scene and it makes everything worth it. At times akward and uncomfortable, you can’t help but want to love the odd weird family that drives across a few states for a pageant they are horribly unsuited for.

2. Babel – Similar in construction to Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 2000 film Amores Perros, Babel weaves and loosely ties into each other the stories of five different groups of people spread across the globe. What is really amazing about this film is not those vinegettes featuring the most famous of actors, which include Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt, but those of a few unknowns who are extremely BEYOND deserving of their Best Supporting Actress nominations: Adrianna Barraza as the illegal immigrant housekeeper living in San Diego and Rinko Kikuchi as the deaf motherless and lost teenager in Japan.

1. The Queen – Starring an amazing Hellen Mirren, the Queen is a look at the Royal Monarchy of Britian during the weeks leading up to and surrounding the death of Princess Diana. Featuring bits of actual news footage, the film seamlessly melds the worlds of the poeple of Britain, the monarchy itself and the family of the newly elected Tony Blair. I hope that Hellen Mirren recieves the Oscar for her amazing portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II.

Movies I haven’t seen yet but need to because they could possibly alter the list above:

-Sherry Baby – I know I haven’t seen it yet, but how did Maggie Gyllenhall get snubbed for Best Actress contention? She was all the rage when this movie came out and everyone *swore* she would get nominated.
-The Science of Sleep – Because I love love love his previous film, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
-This Film is Not yet rated – Much like the publishing of Fast Food Nation rocked our Nation’s fast food industry, this film is already creating changes in the MPAA ratings system and they have promised to come up with a new way to rate and appeal future films.
-Death of a President
-Half Nelson
-Notes on a Scandel
-Jesus Camp
-The Last King of Scotland – Because Forrest Whitaker probably deserves the attention he is recieving
-The Departed (*sigh* I am so over this and I haven’t even seen it yet)
-For Your Consideration (because I love Christopher Guest and always have to give him a chance)
-Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima
-Man of the Year …. psyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyych. I wouldn’t watch Robin Wiliams if you paid me to.
-Marie Antoinette
-Borat – I know, I know, how did I miss it?
-A Good Year
-The Prestige
-Volver – Pedro Almodovar – always tackling those stories that are extremely uncomfortable yet somehow makes them beautiful
-The Pursuit of Happyness – I think I will go see this today.

And finally, the movie of this list that I want to see most of all: Pan’s Labyrinth – which is being hailed as a work of art – I am extremely intrigued by the idea of a half-animated – half – live-action, science fiction/horror story that stems from the mind of a child growing up in the postwar depression of Spain. This movie is not for children.

Other Movies I enjoyed this year

The Last Kiss
Clerks II
United 93
Casino Royale
American Dreamz
Blood Diamond
Stranger than Fiction

And the 2 Worst Movies of 2006:

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby