To celebrate the end of our softball season, the Animals headed to Reno on Tuesday night to catch a Reno Aces game.

Animals invade Reno

When asked when the last time I attended a baseball game was, I had to answer that I didn’t know. I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw one.

These 9 tables are reserved

We had reserved a group section in the “party zone” and our seats included an all-you-can-eat-buffet of hot dogs and fried chicken. When in Rome…


The game was super fun though very fast. The Aces won in the last inning by two runs. For a brief moment, we were all excited thinking a tie game was going to lead us into extra innings but it was not to be.

Oddly enough, we’d seen my friend Piper Sean on the drive down. He was headed to Reno for band practice and we were able to convince him to show up to the game. He and his bandmate, Reay, made it for the last few innings, complete with bagpipes. The crowd LOVED it.

Piper Sean Serenades after Seventh Inning

I missed a lot of this season due to work and travel so it’s sad to see it come and go so quickly. I feel like my summer has really blown by this year, faster than normal. But, as everyone in Tahoe is already talking about, that just means that pow days are just around the corner…

Ani! Mals!