The busy summer wedding season eventually gives way to a slower-paced fall. These cozy gatherings are a welcome turn from the bustle and sometimes sweltering summer heat. I find myself favoring the cooler breezes, longer nights, and laid back couples who choose fall weddings. Here are some of the details I look forward to seeing:

Fall 2020 wedding trends

What to serve.

Choosing a signature drink doesn’t have to be complicated. Go with the theme of the season and opt for spiked apple cider or hot cocoa–just make sure to label them as such. There’s never been a better time for you and your guests to embrace being basic with pumpkin spiced lattes (come on, you know those basic bitches enjoy it, too), so consider hiring a barista for custom brews.

Save room for dessert and make it memorable with berry or pumpkin pies instead of cake, or if finger foods are your style, a s’mores station is a fun and easy way to entertain your guests while keeping it casual. 

Fall 2020 wedding trends

What to wear.

If there’s a time to buck tradition, it’s for a fall wedding. Rich reds and deep earth tones make your wedding party pop against autumn’s natural backdrop. Not feeling that brave? Warm hues and plaid patterns make for great pocket squares and ties. And if you dare entertain the idea of a non-white dress, champagne is a contemporary, yet subtle choice for off-beat couples. You can make a bolder statement with longer sleeves and trains, romantic lace, and–my favorite: flowy capes.

Fall 2020 Wedding Trends
Fall 2020 wedding trends

How to decorate.

Fall 2020 wedding trends

I’m here for full-out Halloween-themed weddings, but if you’re looking for something a little less spooky and intense, add light touches of seasonal decor throughout the venue. Textured and dyed foliage and florals like golden orchids, rosehips, dahlias, and exotic plants add unique, low-key drama to otherwise predictable displays.

Mini pumpkins, gourds, and apples can serve as table decor or seating arrangement pieces. And don’t forget the party favors: mini embroidered vegan leather notebooks wrapped in velvety ribbon add a laid-back yet luxe touch to your fall theme.

Fall 2020 wedding trends

Things to do.

Semi-outdoor venues like the West Shore Cafe and Sunnyside Lodge are a great option for fall weddings because they provide an opportunity to embrace the outdoors while also having the security of cover in case of inclement weather. You can host your ceremony outdoors and reception inside a rustic barn or wine tasting room. Some venues even allow outdoor bonfires or fire pits (in which case you should definitely supply s’mores). 

Can’t get enough of that pumpkin spice inspiration?  More fall wedding trend inspiration is here on my blog!

Fall 2020 wedding trends
Twenty Mile House Wedding

If all the planning seems overwhelming and these fall 2020 wedding trends aren’t your jam, just remember that fall is one of the most breathtaking seasons of the year to elope. You and your partner in the quiet, warm beauty of autumn with none of the hassle.