So, another blogger has started a blog completely based on “Bucket Lists,” which got me thinking: while I haven’t really ever made written list of things that are must dos, I have always had a sort of a mental checklist going. There’s a million and one places I would jump at the opportunity to go to and a million more things, festivals and events I would like to see, but there is definitely a number of them that if I missed, I would be rather upset in the afterlife over. So, in no particular order, my ever growing Bucket List includes:

1. Holi Festival
2. Tomatina Festival
3. AIDS Lifecycle Ride
4. Chamonix
5. See someone amazing at the Hollywood Bowl
6. Carnival in Brazil
7. Sweden and related, 8. a night in the Ice Hotel
9. Run a half marathon in every state
10. Big Mountain: heli trip in AK
11. Italy. All of it. Multiple times.
12. Attend FIFA World Cup
13. Machu Picchu
14. Ski Chile
15. Turkey, especially Cappadocia.
16. Attend the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships
17. Australia
18. Never miss a year of Austin City Limits Music Festival
19. Eat creole fare and brass band dance my way through Louisiana with Cycle Zydeco and then hit up Jazz Fest.
20. Galapagos.
21. Prague and Eastern Europe.
22. Follow the Tour de France.
23. Visit a foreign country every year.