So, once upon a fall, I was contacted by the man responsible for organizing the NICC 2023 in Reno, NV.  Is this an acronym you’ve never heard of?  Yes, well, get in line. The NICC stands for the Nevada Infrastructure Concrete Conference. Yes, that’s right, there’s an entire conference on CONCRETE. They needed a competent Reno Event photographer to create images that would make their conference REALLY shine in order to sell future sponsorship, provide sponsors of this year’s conference with great images, and update their website for future attendee sales. Hot tip: if you’re looking for a Reno event photographer, look no further.  Be like the NICC – they came to the right person!

Things I learned as the Reno event photographer for a concrete and infrastructure conference: Nevada has a diverse range of concrete infrastructure projects that contribute to the state’s economic development and connectivity. In fact, it’s a large portion of the state’s revenue and a way that they provide jobs. The construction and maintenance of concrete infrastructure play a vital role in supporting Nevada’s growing population.

Second thing I learned: Nevada takes facilitating transportation, commerce, and public services pretty seriously. It clearly does not escape them that their highways are crucial for connecting urban centers, rural communities, and supporting the transportation of goods and services. There was a LOT of talk about concrete bridges and their status.

Nevada’s urban areas (mainly Las Vegas) is getting some INSANE transportation projects down the pipeline.

UNR has an infrastructure engineering department that was on hand to both give talks and learn!  Even more thrilling (to me at least) is that there was a segment that specifically focused on sustainable and resilient concrete solutions.

Holding a corporate conference or retreat in Reno, NV

Reno, NV is the perfect destination for your company retreat, destination executive meeting, or corporate conference.  With a wealth of large and small venues to choose from, Reno also has the bonus of offering a wealth of nightlife thanks to the casino-filled downtown, funky cultural experiences in the homegrown area of Midtown, and is perfectly located at the nation’s most epic outdoor playground: Lake Tahoe.  From elegant and classy city views on the rooftop of the Nevada Art Museum, which can host events of up to 1400 people, to the grand conference center and meeting rooms of the Grand Sierra Resort, which can hold breakout meetings, corporate events, and conferences in 200,000 square feet of up to 4,000 guests.