As a corporate retreat and event professional photographer, I’ve captured both small business openings, concerts, and conferences with thousands of attendees. Most clients seek out professional photography for these events because they’ve seen the quality and versatility of the in-the-moment photos and have used the photos to grow their businesses, promote future events, and engage with their clients. Here are all the reasons you should hire a professional photographer for your corporate retreat.

SXSW Event Photography

Focus on the present

Most importantly, a professional photographer allows you (whether you’re a solo event coordinator or running the show with a whole team) to focus on the moments and people right in front of you. You’re not being pulled away from critical conversations with constituents or partners to get photos of another important moment happening synchronously. The value of a professional corporate event photographer goes beyond the photos being used as marketing tools—having me present allows you to remain present throughout your event. I seamlessly blend into the background while you make the most of every moment.

Create buzz

Whether you have a social media manager dedicated to planning and sharing images or you’re a small business, having a professional photographer at your corporate retreat enables you to create hype even after the event is over. Share sneak peek photos on your business’ social media platforms and share with employees (so that they can share on their personal networks as well!) to spread the word about the experience and energy of your event. Using your photos as a marketing tool to draw in future attendees, clients, and employees will help you get the most value out of having a professional photographer present.

Stay connected

Engage with attendees immediately and long after your corporate event with professional photo memories. Follow-up with a simple note and thank-yous with never-before seen photos, print and frame special ceremonies to gift your attendees, and include photos in quarterly slide decks or annual reports. Professional event photos can also be used later on as a tool for donor engagement or for future event marketing.

Make the most of your experience

Before your event, we’ll talk about what we can both expect. For example, you might share a list of must-have shots, VIP guests, or off-limits areas. You’ll also want to share a schedule of events (including downtime, so I can plan snack and bathroom breaks without missing important moments). If I have enough time, I always try to get day of highlights to you so that you can start sharing immediately or have a final last day slideshow prepared to hype up your attendees and leave the heading home with high positive feelings.

Update your team headshots

Hiring a professional photographer for your corporate retreat allows you to schedule in a headshot refresh for your employees.  Whether you want headshots on a seamless background, or environmental portraits at the event center or hotel you are holding the retreat at, it’s a perfect opportunity to refresh those linkedin faces for everyone with ease.  With a suite of environmental portraits, you can really show off everyone’s style and personality – it’s a great recruitment tool to highlight company culture!

Plan your Lake Tahoe Corporate Retreat

  • From a wealth of large VHRs and Airbnbs to small boutique hotels with conference spaces, to our ski resorts equipped with room for thousands of attendees, Lake Tahoe is the perfect place for your corporate retreat.  The Coachman Hotel in South Lake Tahoe is a perfect location for a smaller corporate retreat – with a pool, fitness center and meeting rooms on site.  Need more space?  Harrah’s Lake Tahoe boasts a large convention center that is fully customizable and adjacent to the Lake Tahoe Heavenly Village.
  • Truckee, CA’s backyard is home to Palisades Tahoe in the Olympic Valley.  They have a wealth of options right in the village center and can host up to 900 people for your convention, event or corporate retreat.
  • Looking to cater your event?  Whether you’ve rented a large mansion for your tech employees, or are staying at a hotel, Yummy Fixins is my suggestion to give your employees the sustenance they need to get through the day’s meetings so that you can all go play outdoors!
  • Ready to play?  Lake Tahoe Boat Rides has a large pontoon boat charter, Vivid Dream, perfect for a group of 30 or less.  Want to impress your employees and go vintage?  Check out the wooden boat offerings at Tahoe TastingsLake Tahoe Yoga is the perfect option for group beach or paddle board yoga.  Clearly Tahoe offers transparent kayak tours on the lake for large groups.