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Lucie Sterns Wedding

9 Creative Ways to Add Intimacy to a Large Wedding

Large weddings can seem overwhelming and impersonal, unless you make specific efforts to combat those impressions. From staffing up to help ease crowding to enlisting the help of attendants recognizable in their bridesmaid dresses, here are nine creative ways to add intimacy to a large wedding.

Lakeside Beach Elopement

Lakeside Beach Elopement | Lili + David

Lili and David met while working at a summer camp years ago.  He’s from Ireland and what ensued was a global romance, that involved trips to Australia, transAtlantic long distance love and finally, a pledge to wed.  It took sometime to secure David’s visa and Lili and David were adamant that I be the one […]

Tahoe Family Portraits

Tahoe Family Portraits | Bryant Family

This family has the cutest most adorable endearing two year old ever.  The weather the week they were on their Tahoe vacation was incredibly cold and blustery and for a few days, we weren’t sure if we were going to have a weather window on this day to photograph their Tahoe family portraits.  In the […]

Sugar Bowl Wedding

Sugar Bowl Wedding | Truckee, CA | Kristin + Alan

Kristin and Alan both spend their summers working for a summer camp for kids and they warned me ahead of time that their camp friends get a little rowdy, like to dance party, and that rubber animal masks often make an appearance.  What they did not warn me about: that there would be a ninja […]

Tahoe Family Portraits

Tahoe Family Portraits | Valhalla Estate | Crandall Family

Although our spring temps are lingering in the realm of brisk this week, summer is on the horizon and that means summer vacationers will fill our beaches, campgrounds, rental houses and bike paths.  The welcome change in temperatures will surely pave the way for more outdoor adventures.  I’m personally ready to get on my bike!  Summer […]

New Orleans Travel Photography

My New Orleans Travel Guide

New Orleans continues to be my favorite city in the world. It’s vibrant unique culture and diverse tolerant population of characters continues to draw me back, again and again.  It’s impossible not to fall in love with the people, the food, and the music of this incredible city.  After a few years away, I returned to […]

Virginia City Wedding

Virginia City Wedding | Piper’s Opera House | Brenda + Dillon

WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT VIRGINIA CITY?!? Oh man, I’m just kidding.  My friend Holly talks about it all the time because she’s obsessed with ghosts and she likes to take her ghost hunting equipment (it’s a thing). When Brenda first contacted me she gushed over my love for guacamole, enticed me with […]

what to wear in your family portrait

Tahoe Family Photos | LTCC Demonstration Garden | Poth Family

Last fall, shortly before their second daughter was set to be born, my friends the Poth family hired me to celebrate their growing family with some Tahoe family photos.  We met early in the morning at the LTCC Demonstration Garden, when their spitfire of a child Zada would feel extra sparky and accommodating. Since then, […]

Tahoe Engagement Session

Tahoe Engagement Session | Brianna + Aaron

Brianna and Aaron trekked all the way up to Tahoe and then back home to the bay area in one day just for their engagement session.  I felt like that was quite the effort just to come see me, so I gave them the royal tour and took them to all of my favorite spots […]

Gar Woods Wedding

Intimate Gar Woods Wedding | Kings Beach, CA | Meagan + Andrew

I’m not sure why they don’t go around just telling everyone this, and then subsequently just dancing on the street for no reason, because I think that they absolutely should, but Meagan and Andrew met at a country western dance hall.  Andrew convinced her to stay and dance, and do a shot of fireball, and […]