Meyers Summer Solstice Celebration

The icing on my cake was certainly Prom, which was the best party of my life.

The fun didn’t stop there however. Since Erik and Michelle were in Tahoe thru the weekend we had plenty of awesome planned. We woke up after Prom on Saturday feeling not so sparky but after a morning and part of an afternoon of leisurely napping and general laziness, managed to rouse ourselves down to the Divided Sky where an antipasto plate and super spicy bloody mary’s whipped us back into shape.

M and I kicking it at the Divided Sky. Photo: Erik Moore

Outside in the parking lot, the Meyer’s Summer Solstice Celebration was going on. There were vendors selling their wares, local non profits talking about their organizations, kids’ face painting, hula hooping and games, music, pizza, $1 beers and lots of people I knew hanging out in the sunshine.

It was actually a dangerously expensive event for me! I returned home with $70 worth of new threads from my friends at RISE Designs and Graphics and a $20 membership to my friend Maria’s non-profit, The Sugar Pine Foundation, dedicated to saving Tahoe’s sugar pines and other white pines from a non-native invasive fungus called white pine blister rust by educating and involving the local community in hands-on forest stewardship.

That night, my favorite local band Dad’s LPs played at the Divided Sky and I was super excited to show them off to Erik and Michelle.

Chris Gene of Dad’s LPs rocks it at the Divided Sky in Meyers, CA

Dad’s LPs at the Divided Sky Photo: Erik Moore

We ended up having such a fantastic time, despite being previously hungover, that we spent the night dancing away and drinking beers. So much so that we had to get a ride home from Taryn in his awesome limo for the 2nd night in a row!

Getting a limo-cam demonstration! Photo: Erik Moore

You can see Erik’s photos from the evening here and my photos from the evening here.

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