Tahoe Family Photos

Tahoe Family Photos in the Snow | The Callahans

Why is it that nothing says holidays more than a snow covered forest?  I suppose we can all blame Irving Berlin for that.  Thankfully, Tahoe is a veritable winter wonderland compared to the past few years and when this adorable family contacted me hoping for some Tahoe family photos in the snow, I was able to promise that it would be absolutely no problem!  We sat out to one of my favorite Tahoe portrait locations, Valhalla Historic Estate, for an early morning portrait session.

Brenna has a friend who runs a rental business for weddings and has a warehouse chock full of rustic, vintage and otherwise perfect props for a winter portrait session and they were able to snag an adorable sled for their 16 month old son to play on while we photographed them.  He was often more interested in eating the snow than playing in it, as toddlers are apt to do.

 Despite missing a nap, some cold early morning temps, and wet snow-filled fingers, we were able to get some smiling faces and some awesome photos for this family’s holiday card.  Mom and Dad told me that they were pretty serious and that their son was pretty wacky so they had an idea for a photo and they were wondering if I could make it happen.  I find the end result to be absolutely endearing and hysterical.  I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about!

Tahoe Portraits in the snowTahoe Portraits in the SnowTahoe Family Photos in the SnowTahoe Family Photos in the SnowTahoe Family Photos in the SnowTahoe Family Photos in the SnowTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family Photos Tahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family Photos in the SnowTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family Photos in the SnowTahoe Family Photos in the Snow

Family Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Family Photos at Lake Tahoe | Bangerter Family

Happy Thanksgiving!  What better thing to blog on a day that celebrates family than a gorgeous family portrait from this fall?

There’s no question in my mind that the Lake Tahoe area offers the best backdrops for family portraits.  There’s a ton of amazing spots to take large groups for family photos at Lake Tahoe and for the Bangerter Family, Fallen Leaf Lake was the perfect spot.  They wanted somewhere that they could walk and hike in a bit, to really enjoy the full outdoor experience.  With a large family and some gorgeous fall golden light, I’d call this Tahoe family portrait session a success!

Family Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake tahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake TahoeFamily Photos at Lake Tahoe

Fall Portraits in Tahoe

Fall Portraits in Tahoe | Schnoll Family | Sneak Peek

 If you were thinking about grabbing some fall portraits in Tahoe, now is the time!  The colors on trees close to water sources are finally changing and it won’t last for long.  Dave, Jess and Jack wanted some fall colors for their family photos and holiday cards and I went sluething for just the spot.  At the right time in the evening, the golden California light backlights this meadow just perfectly.  Time is running out though so book your family portrait today!

Fall Portraits in TahoeFall Family Portraits in Tahoe

Tahoe Family Portraits

Family Portraits in Tahoe | Atalig Family | Sneak Peek

Zephyr Cove Resort continues to be one of my favorite places to photograph family portraits in Tahoe.  The endless options on it’s giant boulders on the beach offer great shade when you need it, new perspectives to keep your creativity fresh, and killer sunsets.  The Atalig family was visiting from the Bay Area and really wanted a wonderful memento of their family vacation and a Tahoe sunset portrait session seemed like the perfect souvenier!

Zephyr Cove PortraitsFamily Portraits in TahoePortraits in Tahoe

Family Photos at Lake Tahoe

Family Portraits at Lake Tahoe | Fallen Leaf Lake | Sneak Peek

This light.  This family.  This location.

I’m so excited about this gorgeous family portrait session at Fallen Leaf Lake.  Hailing from all over the US: Vegas, Salt Lake and Florida, this family wanted something uniquely foresty and rustic for their family portraits at Lake Tahoe and I knew just the spot.  More to come from this totes adorbs fam.

Fallen Leaf Lake PortraitsFallen Leaf Lake PortraitsFallen Leaf Lake Portraits

Tahoe Family Portraits

Tahoe Family Portraits | Lakeland Village

Family vacation in Tahoe offers the perfect opportunity and reason for a family portrait session.  Macy and her gorgeous family were on vacation at Lakeland Village and wanted to capture their children and grandparents all together while they were here.  Their Tahoe family portraits are gorgeous: filled with blue skies, smiles, lots of hugs and a lemonade break, of course.

Here’s a few of my favorites from their Lakeland Village family photos from our morning on the beach.

Tahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family Portraits

Lauren Lindley offers Tahoe portrait sessions that provide you with traditional and candid photos you can’t capture alone with a loud, fun, obstreperous Tahoe local that loves showing off her gorgeous home.  For more information on Lake Tahoe family portraits and pricing, visit this link.

Family Portraits with Dogs

Tahoe Family Portraits | Goirvas Sneak Peek

This family was super nervous that their dog wasn’t going to cooperate with a family photo session.

To be honest, this dog was the easiest one I’ve ever done a session with.  She’s downright attentive.

Proof is in the pictures!

Family Portraits with Dogs

I had such a blast with this recently relocated family who is so happy to live close to Tahoe now and take advantage of the having our gorgeous lake and outdoors practically in their backyard.  There’s more to come from their Valhalla Estate Tahoe family portraits, but until then, here’s a few more rad images to tide you over!

Valhalla Portrait Session

Lake Tahoe family portraits with dogs

Tahoe Family Photography

Tahoe Family Photography | Powers Family | Sneak Peek

So, this happened.

You know when you have a family willing to get into some shenanigans that it’s going to be a good portrait session.  There was even some rock modeling in addition to the tree hugging.  You’ll just have to wait for that though.

Tahoe Family Portraits

I had such a wonderful time creating Tahoe family photography for this amazing clan from Texas.  There were four generations in the house and I think (though I’ll have to count) 19 people total.  We did large groups, small groups, sisterly groups, husband and wife groups and individuals of everyone.  Time absolutely FLEW by and I had so much fun getting to know them.  That being said, anytime I’m around folks from back home, I immediately feel right at home.

There’s more to come from this family photography session in South Lake Tahoe, CA at their vacation rental home.  It was a great location and an amazing house – complete with pool, movie theater room and billiards area!

Tahoe Newborn session

Tahoe Newborn Photography | Jodi + Alex + Isabella | Sneak Peek

Being a model is hard.  Isabella learned all about it during her Tahoe newborn photography session this week at her home.  I’m so thrilled for this amazing family, whose maternity photos I recently shot.  I’m so behind their session isn’t even up on the blog yet, just the sneak peek!  I promise more from Isabella’s debut photo session and their family portrait session soon!

Tahoe Lifestyle Newborn PhotographyTahoe Newborn Photography

Tahoe Family Portrait

Tahoe Newborn Photography | The Tahoe Trips

My bfforever Meghan: ripping skier, extreme environmental scientest and now mother of three boys.

If you really want to know, the answer is yes, she had sex three times in one night.

Now she has Beacon, Cormac and Declan.  They’ve already been to prom and the Divided Sky so I’d say their lives are pretty well rounded so far.

If you want to follow the adventures of the Tahoe Trips you can do so over at Meghan’s blog or their personal instagram account.  Here’s some of my favorite photos from their Tahoe newborn photography session.