Tahoe Family Photography

Tahoe Family Photography | Powers Family | Sneak Peek

So, this happened.

You know when you have a family willing to get into some shenanigans that it’s going to be a good portrait session.  There was even some rock modeling in addition to the tree hugging.  You’ll just have to wait for that though.

Tahoe Family Portraits

I had such a wonderful time creating Tahoe family photography for this amazing clan from Texas.  There were four generations in the house and I think (though I’ll have to count) 19 people total.  We did large groups, small groups, sisterly groups, husband and wife groups and individuals of everyone.  Time absolutely FLEW by and I had so much fun getting to know them.  That being said, anytime I’m around folks from back home, I immediately feel right at home.

There’s more to come from this family photography session in South Lake Tahoe, CA at their vacation rental home.  It was a great location and an amazing house – complete with pool, movie theater room and billiards area!

Tahoe Trips

The Tahoe Trips | Sneak Peek

Beacon.  Cormac.  Declan.

Babies can wear trucker hats too.

Not in that order though.

Cormac.  Beacon.  Declan.

Cormac sleeps in his trucker hat.  Beacon chills.  Declan protests.

I’ve photographed a lot of babies this week.  Mostly because there were three at once.  That being said, photographing three at once is not as difficult as feeding two at once.

More to come from the Tahoe Trips.

Tahoe Newborn PhotographerTahoe Family PhotographyTahoe Newborn Photography

Tahoe Lifestyle Photographer

Tahoe Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Jess + Dave + Jack | Sneak Peek

Tahoe Family Photography

Jess and Dave are amazing people and I’m so happy we were connected by mutual friends.  They are goofy, loving, and full of laughter.  A few months ago, I was fortunate to be asked to photograph their maternity photos and now that their newest addition has arrived, I am super happy to play the role of Jack’s Tahoe lifestyle newborn photographer as well.   Here’s a few sneak peeks from our session at their gorgeous home the other day!

Tahoe lifestyle newborn photographerTahoe Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Fallen Leaf Lake Portraits

Tahoe Pet Photography | Soleil + Jenn + Nils

For many of us, our dogs are the only children we’ll have.

“You don’t want kids?” they exclaim incredulously, “oh, well, you’re young.  That will change.”

I’m turning 35 this year and there is no part of any of my being that wants anything to do with diapers in my house.  Also, because triplets.  When my first dog passed away, I was heartbroken.   Sierra was a hysterical curmudgeon and a wonderful partner in crime for 14 and a 1/2 years.  As a youngster, she had an insatiable desire for activity and as she got older, she started to slow down and eventually, refuse to even go on walks.  We discovered in the last weeks of her life that her lungs were filled with tumors and that her breathing had become labored.  She lived a long, happy, and until the very end, comfortable life and I feel so lucky to have found her.  Weeks later, we adopted Austin, who is a wily, sweet, lover boy that has elements of Sierra-like behavior.  He lights up my life in magnificent ways and all I have to do in return is run him and feed him kibble twice a day.  I find this to be a far more rewarding relationship than one in which I have to pay for someone else’s education because frankly, mine isn’t anywhere near paid of as it is.

Soleil is also getting up there in years and it was important to Jenn and Nils to head out with me for some Tahoe pet photography in a short portrait session to capture her spirit and I think that we appropriately managed to do so.  As Nils wrote after seeing the photos, “Those are some good shots.   Too bad she’s headed for the glue factory…she’s a natural for a dog food commercial.”  As hard as it is when our dogs pass away, I have to say that our lives are significantly enriched with them around.

Tahoe Pregnancy Portraits

Maternity Photos | The Kelly’s and the Tahoe Trips

Meghan is one of the smartest, funniest, bravest people I know.  Basically, she’s a total badass.  Her life is about to get super exciting because she and her husband Pat are going to have triplets.  She wanted to commemorate her one and only pregnancy with some maternity photos and I was more than willing to comply.  I am, after all, the official Tahoe Trips photog.

MK and PK and Scoutie are all ready for their new additions to the family.  The nursery is painted, there are three of everything, and a minivan.  If you would like to know more about their future adventures in the mountains, you can follow the adventures of the Tahoe Triplets on Instagram or Meghan on both Twitter and Instagram.

In the meantime, I’ve started a fundraiser for the Kelly family to help ease the burden of their first year.  We are trying to raise enough money to pay for a housecleaner every week for a year.  The cost for house cleaning for one year is $3,600 and the project is currently 35% funded and I appreciate everyone who has made a donation so far.  If you would like to donate to the cause, you may do so via this link.

Winter Marketing Special

February Portrait Special | Free Coffee Table Book!

  Warm up those winter blues with this sweet winter portrait special from Lauren Lindley Photography!

Our One Hour Portrait Session is our most popular session and always includes candid photos you can’t capture alone with a loud, fun, obstreperous Tahoe local that loves showing off her gorgeous home.  In addition, you always receive:

  • 1 hour at one location, or multiple locations if they are close by
  • Online viewing gallery to view, share, order prints and download from
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This month only, if you pay for your session now, you can redeem at a later date and receive a free 5×5 or 5×7 inch coffee table book valued at $110.00!  Redeem your session while on vacation this month, later this summer, or save it for the fall for your family Christmas card!

Winter Marketing Special


Tahoe Maternity Portraits

Tahoe Maternity Portraits | Jess + Dave

Jess and Dave are pretty rad.  They are funny, vivacious folks that love to laugh, get silly and play with their pups.  They wanted to commemorate their son to be with some family photos and Tahoe maternity portraits.  A mutual friend sent them my way and we were collectively all shocked that our paths in Tahoe had yet to cross.  I mean, come on, I thought I knew everyone?  Their four legged friends are an important part of their growing family so we decided that their favorite paw friendly beach was the place to go for their portrait session.

Emerald Bay Engagement

Tahoe Wedding Proposal | Melissa + Jad

Jad chose to propose to his girlfriend Melissa in one of the most beautiful places on the planet: Emerald Bay State Park.  When he contacted me about photographing his Tahoe wedding proposal, I readily agreed.

Jad and Melissa met in the school they both attended, a small private Baptist college.  Their faith is extremely important to them and as such, they follow rules of courtship to maintain chastity and purity.  “Now regarding the matters of which you wrote: It is good thing for a man not to touch a woman” (I Corinthians 7:1).   As such, their short, sweet portrait session doesn’t involve any photos of the two of them touching.  They are a gorgeous, vibrant couple full of love and adoration for each other and I’m so thrilled I was able to photograph their day.  I am certain these two are going to have a long love filled life full of mutual respect and joy together.

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11).

Tahoe Wedding ProposalTahoe Wedding Proposal

Tahoe Maternity Portraits

Tahoe Maternity Portrait | Jess + Dave Sneak Peek

Jess and Dave were introduced to me by a mutual friend and I’m so thankful we’ve been connected!  The pair of them have fun, vibrant, and goofy personalities that you are immediately drawn to.  I had such a great time shooting with them at their favorite dog friendly beach, Zephyr Cove.  Other relevant information pertinent to this post: you have no earthly idea how difficult it was to convince their dogs to take this photo.

More to come soon from this rad couple and their Tahoe maternity portrait session soon!

Tahoe Maternity Portrait

Emerald Bay Engagement

Emerald Bay Proposal | Melissa and Jad Sneak Peek

Jad originally called me from the Bay Area.  He wanted to plan a weekend getaway for his girlfriend Melissa and propose to her while he was here.  After discussing option, he picked the most picturesque location in Tahoe for the location: Emerald Bay.

Here’s a sneak peek from their Emerald Bay proposal.  More to come from this adorable couple later!