I am really fortunate to be returning to Austin for the third year in a row as an Austin SXSW Photographer.  I look forward to my time at SXSW every year with great anticipation.  It’s quickly stolen away a spot in my heart as my favorite music festival.  Every year, I return home with a list of amazing previously unheard of bands to listen to.  My number one goal for any music festival is to seek out new artists and SXSW provides like no other!

During my time at the event, I spend most of it photographing events that sponsors pay for like super fun happy hours put on by film and production companies, opening parties for the Tech Fest, and end of the event awards shows.  In between, I get to run around photographing side events and discovering new music.  Oh, and eating lots of tacos.

Now, it is the fate of every professional photographer, I think, that your clients come first and as such, I actually didn’t really take a very good look at any of my personal photos from SXSW until last week (and still, that’s a debatable statement).  For the record: I highly regret not even culling them last year!  Running through the images quickly was an insurmountable feat and I’m sure I missed some that I love, but, well, it’s probably a lost cause now because I’m flying to Austin today for this year’s event.

Here’s a quick selection of images from SXSW 2014 to hold you over until I return from this year’s event!  I am hereby declaring to the internets that I will not leave my photos untouched for an entire year this time.

Lauren Lindley is a destination wedding, commercial and event photographer that services the Greater Austin area during SXSW.  She is available for freelance event photography in the area from Thursday, March 12 through Tuesday, March 24th.