New Orleans is without a doubt my favorite city in the world – and I have been to a lot of places! I’m lucky to call it a part-time home since my family lives there. I try to get there as many times a year as I can, rotating festivals each year. Between Mardi Gras, French Quarter Fest, and more, there is always something fun happening in this vibrant city. Thanks to its culture, rich history, and incredible cuisine, New Orleans is the perfect location for your next corporate event. I was recently there with my favorite client, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, who I have also photographed events for in Boston and Austin. Although those are great cities, I’m here to convince you that New Orleans might just have the upper hand on best city for your next corporate event! Sultry jazz, centuries-old architecture, and a spirit that is as infectious as it is captivating – what’s not to like? Better yet, I’m also here to convince you to hire me as your New Orleans event photographer!

The tl:dr is that New Orleans should absolutely be at the top of your list when considering a destination for your next conference or corporate event. It’s got everything to make your attendees excited about traveling – a renowned reputation as a tourist hotspot, a well-known party hub, and a secret culinary destination (seriously though – Nola has some of the best food in the US!). Looking for the perfect location for your next professional gatherings, corporate events, or corporate conferences? Look no further than New Orleans!

The Appeal of New Orleans for Conferences and Corporate Events

If you are looking for your next location or venue that will offer more than just a meeting space, New Orleans should always be considered as a frontrunner because it effortlessly blends business with pleasure – maybe too well! Here are all the reasons this New Orleans event photographer loves the crescent city!

1. Cultural Richness: New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures: it’s a place where French, Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences converge to create a unique city unlike any other. It’s the only place in America where getting stuck behind a parade (they’re called a second line) is a valid reason for being late to work. With blues and jazz in almost every bar and street corner, the city literally pulsates with an energy that is unmistakable and completely unique.

2. Historical Enchantment: Steeped in history, New Orleans boasts a storied past that is endlessly fascinating. The French Quarter offers cobblestone streets and buildings with colorful facades, City Park has greenery and museums, and every street corner, alleyway, and courtyard hides something discoverable and fun. Venture into the Garden District, majestic mansions and gigantic oak trees line the streets. Conference attendees have a wealth of neighborhoods to explore with a different feeling in each one. Regardless of the neighborhood, every corner of the city tells a tale of history and resilience.  Most of the conference venues are conveniently located in the downtown financial district, which is sandwiched between the quarter and the garden district for easy exploration of every nook and cranny – and there are many.

3. Culinary Excellence: Food in New Orleans is a way of life. Many people are surprised to discover that New Orleans boasts world-renowned cuisine. They are less surprised to discover that it is based in culinary traditions that spans generations. Whether you are eating traditionally – gumbo to beignets – or being exploratory, there is great food around every corner.  A few of my all time favorites include Cochon (make sure you get the wood fired oysters), Peche, La Petite Grocery (don’t sleep on the blue crab beignets), and Shaya (lamb ragu is the move here!).

4. Popular Conference Venues and Accommodations: New Orleans offers a plethora of venues suited to accommodate conferences of all sizes and scopes. Whether you prefer the elegance of a historic hotel ballroom, the modern amenities of a state-of-the-art convention center, or the intimate charm of a boutique event space, the city has options to suit every need and preference. As a New Orleans event photographer for SPC Impact 2024, we comfortably hosted 850+ attendees over 3 days at the Hyatt Regency.

5. Accessibility and Transportation: If the weather is nice, New Orleans is a fairly walkable city.  Want to head uptown?  Just download the Le Pass app and hop on the incredibly affordable and always fun streetcar!

6. Diversity of Events: If you plan your conference just right, then you may have a festival on either weekend for your attendees to piggyback their trip up next to.  Spring is considered to be “festival season” and there’s always something happening from Mardi Gras to French Quarter Fest to Jazz Fest.

Enhancing the Conference Experience with a New Orleans Event Photographer

As a New Orleans event photographer, with a home base in uptown and a wealth of experience in the city, I have the strong foundation to provide exceptional service for any conference or event. Regardless of how many ongoing presentations, networking sessions, and workshops your event is concurrently holding, my ability to move quick, be decisive and be observant allows me to created captivating and energetic images that define your conference experience and will help you successfully market future events with ease.

Importance of Event Photography: Event photography goes beyond merely documentation: a great event photographer can showcase the atmosphere and energy in still images.  As an event photographer, my main job is always to make sure that I am adding value to your conference, providing you with editorial and promotional materials, social media content, and still images that enhance the event’s impact and reach. From enticing prospective attendees to engaging current participants with real-time updates, as a New Orleans event photographer I’m going to help you elevate your conference experience and leave a lasting impression on all who attend, just like I did for SPC Impact.

As you start to look at locations for your next conference destination, I’m gonna raise my hand and wholeheartedly suggest that you embrace the magic of New Orleans (just maybe not in the summer because I’m not gonna lie, the weather sucks then).  Here are a few more images from my recent work as a New Orleans Event Photographer at the Hyatt Regency for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.