I’ve considered Maya to be a good friend for a very long time.  How long exactly, I can’t remember, but it dates back to at least 2006.  I met Maya on the internet in a wonderful community of people on a secret message board dedicated to awesome folks who love great EDM.  Did you know that in my past life I was a raver?  Just so you know, I still love dark seedy clubs with deep dark house but I don’t see the inside of those walls very often anymore since I live in the rural mountains.

When I found out I was traveling to Colorado for a wedding, I jumped at the chance to help Maya celebrate her new engagement to Dylan with an engagement shoot.  Maya and Dylan both have a laundry list of awesome to their names: they are both rad, adventurous, sweet people that love to cook, drink adult beverages, sometimes dress as gnomes, and DJ, among other things.  I’m pretty excited that Maya found Dylan and I’m pretty excited that Dylan found Maya.

We had thrown a few ideas around about where to shoot – I thought something more urban was key for the two of them.  When Dylan suggested the newly renovated Union Station, I was more than game, despite having never laid eyes on it.  What a wondrous place for a photographer!   It had everything I love: great light, beautiful lines, neat textures and a retro furniture and best of all, alcohol!

Congrats Maya and Dylan!  I’m so thrilled for the two of you.  You guys are fucking rad and together you are fucking rad x gazillion.