Grove of the Titans

Exploring Mill Creek Trail, Jedediah Smith State Park

The next day we woke up quite late, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, and then wasted time exploring the Mill Creek Trail in the park until it was the appointed time we had set to meet our guide to The Grove of the Titans. Thanks to our friendly nature, vivacious personalities, hysterical antics and ability to small talk, finding the infamous Grove of the Titans was a piece of cake: we just had someone take us there, which, was my plan all along. Because really, tromping through the forest and bushwhacking through redwood groves is just plain dumb. Don’t do it.

I will not disclose the location of the grove, I won’t tell you how to get there. What I will tell you is that if you are bushwhacking for miles off trail you are way off base. These trees are hidden right under your nose and there are small hidden social trails leading to all of them. They are within a quarter mile of major roads. If you spend weeks getting muddy and scraped up and dirty and lost and etc, just stop!

The Del Norte Titan, Grove of the Titans

This is the first Titan we went to see, the Del Norte Titan. It’s fourth on the list of the “Largest Redwood Trees” and has a cubic volume of 37,200 feet and is 307 feet high.

This was where our guide left us, giving us instructions on how to find the others. They are all in close proximity to each other.

R, forging the creek to find more Titans, Grove of the Titans, Jedediah Smith State Park

The trees are hysterically not well hidden. So much so, that reading people’s accounts of doing months of searching via foot and the internet is somewhat comical.

El Viejo Del Norte, Grove of the Titans, Jedediah Smith State Park

El Viejo Del Norte is the 5th largest known coast redwood. At 332.8 feet, it has a cubic volume of 35,400 cubic feet!

El Viejo Del Norte, Grove of the Titans, Jedediah Smith State Park

The Screaming Titans are neighbors to El Viejo Del Norte. They are very unusual as they are two massive redwoods fused together. They have a combined diameter of thirty feet

Screaming Titans, Grove of the Titans, Jedediah Smith State Park

Screaming Titans, Grove of the Titans, Jedediah Smith State Park

I’m so thrilled that I accomplished my ridiculous goal to find a not-so-hidden grove of trees with absolutely zero research and two days in the park. And actually, after we found the Grove of the Titans, all the other trees paled in comparison. But the walk out of the grove along Mill Creek Trail was absolutely stunning!

Here are a few of my other favorite photos from our afternoon in the Grove of the Titans.

That being said, there is one reason that these massive trees are being kept hidden and it’s clear and in abundance in Stout Grove: grafitti. Why a person would want to carve their name into the side of trees is beyond me, but it’s everywhere and very sad. So, if you do decide to go into a hidden grove, have respect. Be careful where you tread and for goodness sake, don’t carve your name or anything else into the trunk of these majestic beasts.

7 thoughts on “Grove of the Titans

  1. Found the grove today, after encountering Del Norte some days earlier. All in all, a fantastic experience to be on the prowl and then to finally find them all. Impressive trees to say the least tho the drama, yes, is a bit large for the location. May it continue to baffle the hordes.

  2. Lauren, Loved your story!!!! We finally found the grove just one week ago (October 15th, 2014). We have been looking off and on for over 3 years. We are from Michigan but motorhome in norther California and Oregon. Please, just one clue . . . the only major tree we could not find was the Del Norte Titan. Is it across Mill Creek from the main grove? If you want to really help us, is there a simple trail from Howland Hill Dr to the Del Norte Titan or do you have to wade the creek from the main grove of titans. Just knowing it is across the creek is enough for us. Thanks in advance for any light you may shed. Bob and Laurie

  3. There’s a good chance El Viejo is not the 5th largest anymore. Several giants were found this year. One big enough for a potential new 5th largest. But there’s more even larger that have not been shared. I can’t confirm presently that Grove of Titans has the largest redwood.


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