My friend Megan Saul is a super cool chick.  So cool, in fact, that she organized an informal photographers’ retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, just outside of Gatlinburg, and I’m apparently so special that I was invited to attend.  Myself and 34 other unbelievably talented photographers are here for the next four days to refresh our creativity, stir up our spirits, and teach each other everything we know.  Oh, and drink.  Oh, and dance party.

If you are interested in following along on our adventures in realtime, head on over to Instagram to follow @heavyheartedphotographers.

If you want to check out the work from some of the unbelievably talented folks I’m here with, these are my travel companions:

Megan Saul | Cassandra Niehaus | Jay Loafman | Chris Henderson | Danny and Katherine Sprague | Sabrina Hounshell | Cheyenne Gil | Lena Peterson | Laura Babb | Rachel Schirano | Jaime Smialek | Mysi Anne Falafel | Jillian Powers | Catalina Jean Dow | Ryan Deasley | Tuan Bui | Rachel Brandt Fisher | Chris Wojdak | Tommy Van Huynh | Meagan Lindsay Shuptar | Amanda Carso | Chris Ramos | Ashley Hamm |  Sidney Morgan | Paige Gabert | Rachel “The Sherpa” Kaye | Mike Rousseau