Greg and Daphne came to me by way of former clients, Ryan and Laura.  Having a referral from former clients is always such an overwhelming compliment – it’s the ultimate unbiased and genuine testimonial to the way I contributed to a client’s day. It means that I’m trusted and ultimately, it means that the quality of work I provided was enjoyed long past the receipt of the product. I mean, I know I’m memorable, but let’s all be honest here: I hope that I’m memorable for the right reasons and not just because I’m brash and loud. At any rate, I apparently made a lasting enough impression at Ryan and Laura’s wedding that Greg and Daphne sought me out for their Idle Hour wedding in a wintery Lake Tahoe and I’m so incredibly glad they did.

First thing you need to know about these two: they are bold and adventurous. Daphne wanted nothing but snow on her wedding day and snow she got. In fact, what they got was an absolute downright blizzard. I’m not sure why they bothered to do their hair, but it felt right so they went with it. Taking wedding party and family formals in the snow is also what felt right. Daphne and Greg are very clearly surrounded by people who love them very much because almost every guest accomodated their wacky winter Idle Hour wedding with little complaints. I can assure you though, everyone had very cold hands.

The Idle Hour is a intimate little lakefront wine bar filled with local wines and tchotchkes that boasts a fairly large event space on the ground floor, complete with an outdoor patio, which is where Daphne and Greg were married, surrounded in wet swirling snow and quick bursts of glorious, yet not warm, sunlight.

Overall, their day was EXACTLY what Greg and Daphne wanted and what everyone else wanted was for them to get exactly what they wanted. And that’s what I loved about this fantastic group of people: it was clear that not everyone was jazzed about standing in frigid temps for a wedding ceremony but they WERE jazzed to stand in frigid temps for these two people that they all love very much. And, in my book, that’s a pretty special group of people to have around you.

Venue: The Idle Hour | Catering: Bella Vita | Officiant: Christa Deane | Bakery: Lake Tahoe Cakes | Florist: Enchanted Florist | DJ: Dyna Mic Duo | Wedding Attire: Jos A. Bank, Lambs Hill Bridal, Lulus | Sensational Second Shooting by Nicky Byrnes

Planning a Lake Tahoe winter wedding? Here’s some things to think about.

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful location for a destination wedding whether you are here in the summer or the winter. That being said, if you’re interested in planning a Lake Tahoe winter wedding, there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure a magical and memorable event. As Greg and Daphne can attest: weather conditions play a significant role and 2022-23 winter was no joke. Snow can create challenges in terms of transportation, accessibility, and safety for you and your guests. It can keep folks from reaching their destination. It can cancel flights. Make sure to communicate these challenges with your guests in advance to avoid any potential disruptions on your big day.

Don’t freeze yourself out: dress appropriately and that means winter boots and fur!  Dressing appropriately for the weather is crucial, not only for comfort but also for style. While a snowy backdrop can be breathtakingly beautiful, it’s important to choose wedding attire that will keep you and your bridal party warm and comfortable. Consider looking at long-sleeved gowns, cozy wraps, and faux fur accessories for added warmth and style. You may also need to plan for footwear that is suitable for snowy or icy conditions, such as cute winter boots or traction-enhancing shoe accessories.

Y’all, I hate to tell you this, but light matters in photography. And if it’s dark and extra snowy, there is no light. So plan for it. Make sure your DJ has some sweet uplighting in your venue or consider fairy lights strung across your venue. Add some extra comfort for your guests with cozy blankets, custom hot adult beverages, and hand warmers. Looking to plan your own winter Idle Hour wedding or some other winter wedding recs? I have a blog post on that!

Planning a Lake Tahoe winter wedding for guests that don’t ski?

Lake Tahoe is the ultimate winter destination but what if you’re planning a Lake Tahoe winter wedding and your guests don’t ski? Never fear – we have some fun and fantastic indoor and outdoor activities for those in your wedding party that don’t want the adrenaline rush that Heavenly Ski Resort provides!

Want to get outdoors? Try snowshoeing, snowmobiling or sledding and tubing. Want to be indoors and athletic? Hit our local ice skating rink or try axe throwing, which Greg and Daphne did with their guests (and me!) on the day after their wedding. Want some rest and relaxation? We have plenty of spa services available and if you want a full spa experience, make a reservation at Edgewood Tahoe. Love wine tasting? Besides South Lake Tahoe’s wine bar, the Idle Hour, there are hundreds of wineries in Amador County and Fairplay, both within a two hour drive that are worth a day trip!

Have kids with you? Hit up the Trapped in Tahoe for a group escape room or Flatstick Pub for an afternoon of cozy, warm indoor putt putt.