Welcome back to my social media kickstart series! You’re probably here looking for tips on how to manage the necessary evil that is social media (when it comes to business marketing). Social media is not the best or most reliable marketing tool, but it can be a helpful asset in your overall brand presence. Bottom line: customers and clients expect you to be on at least one of the Big Three (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), so I’m here to help you kickstart your plan. Here are some important tips to beginning your business Twitter.

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Keep it simple and social.

While Facebook and Instagram get all the attention, Twitter quietly carries on as a steady and strong social media force to be reckoned with. Over time, tweet character limits have doubled from 140 to 280, allowing people to tell us how they really feel. But just because you can tweet more, doesn’t mean you should. Keep your tweets simple and to the point—think less than an elevator pitch. 

Say you own a sports bar (the perfect business for a Twitter!). Instead of listing all the specials, pick one to highlight and pair it with an athlete who will be playing in a game that day. Better yet, if there’s relevant sports drama or controversy, speak to it when mentioning your specials. Have fun and remember real humans are on the other side reading your tweets. Use it as an opportunity to make them laugh.

Example: Wendy’s. Always light-heartedly but pointedly calling out their competition.

Find your inspiration.

Your best Twitter inspiration isn’t necessarily your competitor. But it can’t hurt to see what they’re up to, and confidently (and light-heartedly) engage with them when the moment presents itself. There’s a lot (of good and bad) we can learn from some popular Twitter accounts. 

Example: Denny’s. They embrace their iconic brand in all the ways (even the ways we all make fun of). 

Hop on trends.

Just go for it! See what’s trending on Twitter and make a meme out of your tweets. Even the stuffiest brands have a lot to be gained by staying relevant with what’s trending. Whether your audience is Gen Z or not, they’ll pick up on these inside jokes.

Example: Chipotle hopping on the “Good morning to everyone except” trend, poking fun at their customers.

Respond to people.

This one sounds simple, but with Twitter (unlike on other platforms), time is of the essence and “setting and forgetting” a tweet just won’t do. If you tweet about specials, a new offering, or big news, you’ll want to remain active and engaged on your thread. Make sure before you tweet, someone is available to respond to tweet replies—this engagement is key to a successful Twitter account.