>I was invited to go on an ladies-only trip to Downieville for some mountain biking, camping and drinking by some friends. It was the third time the girls had gone together and this year there were 12 of us. I had heard fabled stories of the amazing times of years past and was super stoked to be included. Downieville is about 2 1/2 hours from Tahoe and features epic mountain biking trails in the canyons of the Sierras, along with a super idyllic town.

Downieville is famed for their insanely long downhill trail, which you shuttle from the top of the mountain and ride straight into the town. We’ve had so much snow this year that most of the top is still not rideable so we had to make alternate plans.

We drove out on Tuesday morning and rode the N Yuba Trail, which started in Downieville and ended at our campground. It was 16 miles of varied terrain, about half of it was some pretty intense climbing. I LOVED it. It was a really difficult ride and we all felt super accomplished afterward.

I’m a pretty conservative mountain biker, which I like to blame on still being very new to the sport, and I had my first ever crash that day. I have no idea what happened. One minute, I was cruising along some sweet somewhat flat singletrack and the next minute I was flying upside down in the air and landing in bushes, all the while laughing hysterically of course.

Angela, who organized the trip, did SUCH an amazing job. That night we seriously feasted on some delicious fish tacos and sat around the campfire telling stories of where we came from and how we ended up on the trip.

The next day we did a much easier trail with a lot less climbing. We were all pretty worked from the day before. It was about a 2.5 mile climb and then about 12 miles of super fun, not super steep downhill.

I had just the greatest time ever. We took a ton of pictures. Riding hard with 11 other killer women was awesome and super inspiring. Not only can I not wait to go back to Downieville, but I am already looking forward to this trip next year. I have amazing friends and they have more amazing friends and it was so fantastic to hang with some new super cool people.