>Matt and I went and rode out to Bliss State Park this morning and although I was mightily pissed when my alarm went off, as I’ve been prone to sleeping in ’til whenever I feel like it since ski season ended, as soon as the sun hit my face I was so happy I didn’t stay in bed. The ride was gorgeous. I’ve been on my road bike quite a bit more since finally breaking it out for the season a few weeks ago and I remember why I like the little speed racer so much.

Do you see the hot air balloon parked on the lake WAY out there past the bay?

In other news and fun events, I’m headed on an all ladies trip to Downieville for two days of mountain biking, camping and serious fun. I’m stoked.

This coming weekend my friend Brianne and I are going to have a joint dirty thirty birthday party: Party at the Country Club. We’re all going to caddyshack it up and play some lawn darts and extreme croquet, all while drinking heavily of course.

In two weeks I head to Costa Rica with my mom, two aunts and uncles. We’re going to Gaperville and staying at an all inclusive resort, but my family is a good time so it should be a blast regardless. Also, it’s close enough to Nicaragua that I might get to sneak over there for a day which would be pretty rad.

Aaron, Nicki and I rode AMB last week and it was also a good time. Actually, some of the best weather for the ride we’ve had in the four years I’ve been in Tahoe. I didn’t take that many pictures, but my cycling buddies from Scottsdale did so as soon as they send me pics I’ll upload those as well.

Nick, Matt, Melissa and I went out to run the Carson Pass rest stop for the Alta Alpina Challenge last week and had an amazing time. Thankfully it wasn’t snowing on us like it was last year!

Just in case you are wondering (I’m sure you are) my buddy the bird is still wedged in the front of my car.