When it comes to your small business, representing who you are to the world is everything. That’s why professional photographers are invaluable in helping you capture the essence of your business and sharing it with the world. Before you book your small business photography branding session with me, you’ll want to make sure these few things are in order. Here’s a few of my suggestions on how to plan for your small business branding session.

How to plan for your small business branding session
How to plan for your small business branding session

Consider your color palette and themes

Perhaps this is the most visually obvious way to prepare for your branding session. If you have a brand kit that includes your small business’ color palette, take a look at your outfit choices and your space. Matching every piece of your wardrobe may feel forced, so pick one or two pieces that mesh well. If it feels natural to the vibe of your business, adding florals is a great way to soften a space and to add a pop of color that may be challenging for you to find in clothing. For example, if you own a coffee shop, consider fresh local flowers on each table for our session. Maybe you only have a few employees, so if the dress code is lax and getting custom uniforms printed seems pricey, consider aprons or name tags that are somewhere on the spectrum of your branding color palette. Keep it simple and give your employees the opportunity to express themselves when possible.

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Treat your space to some TLC

Whether you have a physical space where your business is run or you work on the go, you should treat your space with some TLC before your branding photo session. If you own or rent a brick-and-mortar space (or one that’s on wheels!), consider getting a deep clean. Details like dirty baseboards, carpet stains, and cracks can be edited out, but it’s much easier and better for your business IRL to get them taken care of before our session. If you work on the go or work from home, focus on polishing up your equipment and props. Be sure to keep your brand color palette in mind, and don’t go overboard making the space look new and improved—we’re aiming for authentic, not perfect.

How to plan for your small business branding session
How to plan for your small business branding session

Do a content audit

If you’re not a marketing person, this may sound intimidating but I promise it’s not as complex as it sounds. Before our session, I recommend taking stock of your digital (and print) presence. Where is your business content showing up in the real world: Instagram, Facebook, your company website, Yelp, local periodicals, or a magazine? Make a quick list of all the places your content exists, then determine if there are more places you’d like to be present. This list will help us determine what your needs are, which must-have shots to include in your session, and will prepare you for a more comprehensive marketing overhaul and get you ready to kickstart your social media presence.

Feeling confident that you know how to plan for your small business branding session?  Then contact me and let’s get you on the calendar!