Race the Lake in the Sky: Tahoe SUP Fest

A few weeks back, Tahoe hosted it’s first ever professional paddle boarding race and festival. I’m not what hole paddle boarding crawled out of, but it’s seemingly everywhere, all at once.

My friend Damion is super into it, so I headed down to the new park to check out the festivities. Despite my skepticism of how fun paddle boarding actually is, I will say with 100% confidence that drinking beer and watching extremely fit men paddle board is super fun.

The Team Relay awaits their starting signal.

Anne, Mandi and I spent all afternoon in the sun that day and I had the sunburn to prove it. It was one of my favorite days off so far this summer: what’s better than a big community of people celebrating athletics? Regardless of whether I participate in the sport or not, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Summer Fun Day

Damion actually won something. I’m not sure what. Way to totally pay attention to your friends, Lauren.

Damion, Race the Lake of the Sky, Winner.

These are a few of my favorites from the day, but you can see all the photos here.

Anne, being awesome. This is the best.

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