One of the musicians I interviewed for Snowglobe is blowing up the internets this week.  Although he is young and adorable enough that it seems more appropriate to refer to him as a kid, the 25 year old Seattle Native that now calls LA home is setting the stage to be the next big thing that the kids are listening to.  I’ll take his midi and sometimes tribal beats over those of FUN anyday.  His show at Snowglobe was one of the more memorable ones I caught and the photographs I got of him were bright and captivating.   This week alone he showed up on MTV, multiple music blogs I read,  and on David Letterman.  I’m thrilled for him.

You can read my original interview with Delong via this link.

You can see all the photos from Delong’s set at Snowglobe via this link.

Robert Delong, Snowglobe Music Festival, Global Concepts

Robert Delong at Snowglobe Music Festival, Tahoe South