Sensory Interactive is a design firm that designs and builds high-profile projects that range from master planning, to digital urban experiences, interactive exhibits, large format digital art, sports arena displays and urban spectacles such as those found in Las Vegas and Times Square.  They work at the leading edge of digital media technology and experimental design to create compelling environments that inspire wonder and awe.  I recently collaborated as an Austin commercial photographer with one of their designers to create a dynamic image with a specific creative end goal to produce content for a magazine feature for France Media that would illustrate the imagination and creativity possibilities that Sensory Interactive embodies in their built environments.

Working hand in hand with one of their designers, we created an image in house that started with her concept of design.  This is the final project, which also includes headshots of the company CEO’s that I produced for the company in Las Vegas.  The headshots offered a unique set of challenges: I was asked with about 24 hours notice to fly to Vegas, scout a suitable location, and produce headshots of 3 people, on the Las Vegas Strip, between meetings, in 15 minutes or less.

It is always more challenging, creatively speaking, to bring a new idea to fruition, as we did with this ad project, in addition to photographing in new locations.  As a photographer, I would always rather photograph in new places than in the same locations repeatedly – it is more creatively inspiring to seek out inspiring backgrounds than to return to the same old standbys as you do when returning to the same locations again and again.  These challenges force you to trust in your experience, knowledge and ability to pull off a successful shoot.

Just to give you an idea of the process,  it took about 3 hours of collaboration and repetition (200 photos taken total), tweaking small things each time, to finally land on this one winning image.

Austin Commercial Photographer

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