Valhalla Weddings

Valhalla Wedding | Kate + Adam | Sneak Peek

Kate is a longtime Tahoe local.  Her new husband is from Great Britain (they met in England) and had never been to Tahoe before his wedding week.  Seriously.  I can’t imagine a better way to show off our home than with a Valhalla wedding!  It has all the elements that one could want in Tahoe: rustic, beach access, historical importance and gorgeous views of the mountains.  Not to mention all that fresh mountain air.  It’s enough to make you jump

More to come from Kate and Adam’s Labor Day wedding!

Valhalla WeddingValhalla WeddingValhalla Wedding

Heavenly Resort Wedding

Heavenly Tram Wedding | Cristie + Ben

Cristie and Ben are mad at me because I didn’t show up to their party last week.  There may or may not have been excessive wine involved in my lack of attendance.

July was a little nutty for me, schedule wise, so I’m awfully behind on blogging all the amazing weddings and couples I’ve photographed this summer.  Cristie and Ben are one of those amazing couples and I’m super excited to share their Heavenly Tram Wedding photos with you today.  Originally, their small intimate elopement was to take place at the Blue Sky Terrace, off the mid station of the Heavenly Gondola, but when excessive wind closed it for the day, their nuptials were moved to the top of the tram.  It was honestly more befitting for the couple, in my opinion, as Cristie grew up skiing on the Heavenly Race Team and had spent many a day of her life doing laps on Gunbarrel under the gaze of the tram.  In all the chaos, their wedding was also delayed an hour and it was the perfect amount of time to celebrate with her girlfriends with a bottle of my summer favorite, rosè, poured out of the trunk of the car.  Are these my people or what?

Venue: Heavenly Ski Resort | Dress and Jewelry: Sidestreet Boutique

Heavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort WeddingHeavenly Resort Wedding

Ehrman Mansion Wedding

Ehrman Mansion Wedding | Rachel + Thomas | Sneak Peek


That’s what I put in the subject line of my email to Rachel about her sneak peeks.

Ermahgerd.  I totally want to edit this wedding and only this wedding right now because I’m so in love with all of their photos from their vintage 20s inspired Ehrman Mansion Wedding at Sugar Pine Point State Park.

Ermahgerd.  Rachel was so flipping gorgeous and her laugh was so amazing.

Ermahgerd.  Can we be friends forever?

Ermahgerd.  There were Star Wars legos on their boutonnières and bouquets.


Just look at this.

Ehrman Mansion WeddingEhrman Mansion WeddingEhrman Mantion Wedding

Tahome Boathouse Wedding

Tahoma Boathouse Wedding | Mandy + Steve | Sneak Peek

This may be the most fabulous Tahoe wedding venue I’ve ever photographed.  I adore it.  Mandy and Steve’s 1910 Tahoma Boathouse Wedding was perfect: quaint, comfortable, historic splendor.  I have quite a few other weddings there this year, which is super exciting because I love it!

The boathouse itself over looks all of Lake Tahoe and has a huge winding yard filled with beautiful pine tree shade, a ping pong table, an outdoor rock fireplace, and a gorgeous lawn.  Mandy and Steve hired The Woodfired Pizza Company to bring their mobile brick oven out to serve pizzas over the course of the night and oh, was there ever pie!

Here’s a few images from their wedding day until I’m finished with the rest!

Tahoma Boat House WeddingTahoma Boat House WeddingTahoma Boathouse Wedding

Heavenly Tahoe Wedding

Heavenly Terrace Wedding | Rick + Lisa | Sneak Peek

When Rick and Lisa first contacted me, they didn’t actually have a date for their wedding.  She sent me a really amazing email that said, among other things, “I really do think avocados are their own food group, and I can eat my weight in avocados on any given day.”  Over the course of our correspondence, I fell in love with her adventurous spirit, vivacity and general good humor.  When they finally picked their date, it turned out to be a day that I had no intent of shooting a wedding on: the day following my birthday party.  I couldn’t, just couldn’t, not be part of this amazing couple who seemed like such kindrid spirits to me.  Among their love of avocados, day drinking and laughing at themselves, they were also marathon runners.  I said yes.  I would sacrifice the ability to be “not so sparky” the day after my party for these two awesome people and I am SO glad that I did.  There’s more to come from their Heavenly Terrace Wedding, but until then, here’s a few awesome frames to hold you over.

Heavenly Terrace WeddingHeavenly Terrace WeddingHeavenly Terrace Wedding

Lauren Lindley Photography Tahoe Destination Wedding

Tahoe Beach Wedding | Published at Borrowed & Blue

Borrowed and Blue is one of my favorite wedding blogs to contribute to.   They manage to keep things fresh with individual blogs for various locations.  This year, they’ve been extra kind to me, publishing me at their Napa wedding blog, their Bay Area wedding blog, and now, for the fifth time, their Lake Tahoe wedding blog.  They always write really fun, kind, complimentary things which gives you extra warm fuzzies inside and their post on Veronica and James last week was no exception.  “LEvery detail from this day was incredible, but what stuck me most of all was the perfect, in-the-moment shots of the couple captured throughout the whole day — they illustrate the love between these two beautifully and showcase the emotion of the day in such an unforgettable way!” they closed with.  I pride myself on my ability to observe and capture the most intimate of candid moments, no matter how big or small the wedding day, and it’s nice to see that goal validated in my work by others.

I’m so honored to have been chosen as Veronica and James’ Tahoe beach wedding photographer.  Now I’m just reminded of how jealous I was of those kids’ converse!

Veronica and James’ wedding, featured on Borrowed & Blue Lake Tahoe.

You can also follow Borrowed and Blue on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

 Tahoe Beach Wedding by Lauren Lindley

Harvey's Wedding Chapel

Harvey’s Wedding Chapel | Liz + Tony

To be perfectly honest, I was on Chair Ten at Kirkwood on a powder day when I received a phone call from the concierge at The Landing Resort and Spa.  You see, it was an unexpected powder day.  So unexpected, in fact, that Liz and Tony, who had planned to be wed in an intimate beach ceremony outdoors had to scramble to find a new venue for their elopement.   They settled on Harvey’s Wedding Chapel but unfortunately, the photographer who usually photographs all the ceremonies in the Chapel was on vacation.  Cue a phone call to me: could I be there in an hour?  Yes, I could, but I would be wearing ski clothes.

Liz and Tony were so grateful, ski clothes or not and I am so honored to have been able to get back to town quickly enough to help them out.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from their Tahoe South elopement.

Harvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding Photography

Tahoe Beach Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding Photography | Debbie + Mario

The Beach Retreat & Lodge in Tahoe South is one of my favorite wedding venues to photograph at.  They do a especially exceptional job with small and budget weddings here in the Lake Tahoe area.  There are not many venues around here that will accommodate smaller wedding parties, but Lori Cramer and her staff at the Beach Retreat & Lodge are always happy to do so.  In fact, you can host your wedding reception on the longest pier in Lake Tahoe and that’s exactly what Debbie, Mario and their amazing family and friends did!  This was a true DIY wedding: both the officiant and hair and makeup stylist were friends of the bride and groom.

Debbie and Mario were wed in an intimate Tahoe beach ceremony at the lodge on a Saturday morning and promptly followed their ceremony up with a brunch out on the pier.  If you are having a wedding with less than 40 guests, this is a wonderful way to celebrate.  Besides, who doesn’t love brunch!?

Congratulations Debbie and Mario and thank you so much for choosing me as your Tahoe wedding photographer!  I’m so thrilled to have been part of your gorgeous sun filled morning and celebration!

Venue: Beach Retreat & Lodge | Florist: Safeway

Tahoe Beach weddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe beach weddingTahoe Beach Retreat WeddingTahoe Pier Wedding ReceptionTahoe Beach Retreat Wedding PortraitTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier Wedding

Tahoe Lakeside portraits

Lakeside Tahoe Elopement | Published in Bridal Beauty

More than 2 years ago, Sunny and Chris were wed while overlooking the expansiveness of Lake Tahoe in Emerald Bay.  This week, their intimate lakeside Tahoe elopement was published online by Bridal Beauty Magazine.  It’s some kind of wonderful to relive amazing couples and their wedding days years later – a nice reminder of shared laughs (of which there were plenty) and sweet moments.  You can read the entire post via this link.

Bridal Beauty Magazine is a print publication dedicated to brides for all things beauty, fashion, health, fitness, sex and relationships.  You can also follow them on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

Tahoe Beach Elopement

Tahoe Meadow Wedding

Tahoe Meadow Wedding | LeeAnn + Neil

LeeAnn and Neil were wed in an extremely intimate, totally informal meadow ceremony surrounded family.  A friend was the officiant and LeeAnn’s daughter carried their rings in on a climbing carabiner.  The mountain life and outdoors is clearly extremely important to this couple and their shared experiences exploring the world that Tahoe has to offer took the main stage during their extremely moving ceremony.  It was absolutely, without a doubt, the most refreshing way I could have started my day that Thursday.  It kicked off a three day wedding weekend, full of beautiful couples, intimate moments, laughter and tears.  I’m so thankful that Jenay of Lake Tahoe Yoga sent this awesome couple my way.

What an unforgettable moment on a breathtakingly perfect Tahoe spring day.

Venue: Hope Valley Wildlife Area