I’m thrilled to see Tiffany’s Emerald Bay and Eagle Falls Tahoe senior portrait session published this week over at Senior Study Hall, a non-profit organization for high school students and photographers that celebrates the cultures and diversity of teenagers across the United States.  Senior Study Hall seeks to improve the self-image of high school students by providing photography education to students and the general public. In addition to featuring senior photographers and their student session, it also features stories on styling trends and beauty secrets, proper etiquette, self-esteem issues and making positive life choices.

Picking up my camera to be a Tahoe senior photographer is one of my favorite jobs.  Seniors are the greatest to work with: fun, excited, with a bright future ahead of them.  They are always willing to be extra adventurous and it makes the portrait session that much more exciting.  Tiffany’s Emerald Bay portrait session was no exception and I’m honored to see it published on a site that likes to promote healthy self-esteem and give back to the community.

You can see Tiffany’s featured post and session at Senior Study Hall via this link.

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