In early 2011, a group of mountain bikers came together with the idea to revitalize the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association (TAMBA), our long dormant local group dedicated to the creation and preservation of mountain biking trails in the Tahoe Basin. As the manager of a local business that depends on cycling tourism for survival, it is in my best interest to support and aide in the development of cycling advocacy, education and trails as much as possible. I hold a board position (secretary) on both TAMBA and our other local cycling club, Alta Alpina.

Last night, TAMBA hosted our end of the season bash and screened a bike documentary, Pedal Driven. We had a huge raffle (I didn’t win anything!) and a really good turn-out.

Aligning the wants of local mountain bikers with the wants of the USFS is a seriously difficult task. At TAMBA, we’ve spent the year trying to build a foundation for advocacy, education, activism and trail building that will help make the relationship between forest service and local mountain biker a positive one. I’m really excited with what we’ve been able to accomplish at TAMBA in less than a year: four successful 20 person trail days, 250 members, and a lot of momentum for future projects with the USFS. You can read more about TAMBA at our website.

You can see all the photos from the event here.