Tech Start Up seeks a Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer that is great with kids

June Care Co CEO Gretchen Salyer was a full time stay at home mom when the pandemic hit. She witnessed her friends and neighbors struggle when childcare completely disappeared.  Recognizing the need to fill in a gap in services, combined with her background in finance and business, Gretchen founded June Care Co, launched in the summer of 2021.  June Care Co is a tech startup and app that connects parents who need childcare with qualified host parents (typically stay at home moms) who can care for their kids.  The model is perfect for hybrid, back-up, part-time and/or temporary childcare needs.  The host parents are background checked and screened for quality and safety and better yet, are parents themselves.  Almost one year into business,  Salyer’s startup is gaining steam, traction and lots of press and they were searching for the perfect Bay Area lifestyle photographer to help them on their journey.

Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer
Specifically, June Care Co’s team was seeking a Bay Area lifestyle photographer that was “good with kids” for a half day Los Gatos lifestyle photography session that involved 20-25 kids and host moms. June Care Co needed brand lifestyle photography that they could use across all content streams to show off what they do, how they do it, and why it’s special. Cue ME.

June Care Co had already had a few run-ins with some photographers who were apparently not so good with kids. As such, they were eager to connect with a Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer who would be a great fit for their commercial branding needs. I started babysitting a family of 7 at the age of 12, I was a camp counselor for 8 years, a youth age group swim coach, and now, with a decade of family portrait experience under my belt, I would venture to say that I’m almost over-qualified for their needs. In addition to commercial lifestyle and branding photography, we had an equally talented videographer on site. Brian and I worked side by side for the afternoon to set up a variety of scenarios with 4 groups of children and the executive team to capture both stills and video for their marketing needs.

You can check out some of June Care’s recent press, featuring my Bay Area Lifestyle photography work, on their instagram, as well as over at CNBC and San Diego’s Voyager Magazine.