There are hundreds of myths and superstitions to keep you preoccupied during your wedding day and as soon as you start planning, everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is going to have an opinion on how you run your day. I’m debunking five of the most common wedding myths and superstitions to help keep your stress low, because on your day, the only thing you should feel beholden to is your partner. Seriously, don’t stress about having “something blue” if you don’t even like the color just because your mother is convinced you need to.

Bride and Groom

Seeing each other before the wedding.

Whoever made up this one obviously wasn’t thinking about the bigger picture. Having time set aside for a pre-ceremony, intimate first look not only takes pressure off both partners, but it gives the couple time to socialize with guests after the ceremony without being pulled away for an hour and a half of formal photos. You read that correctly: if you do not do a first look, formal photos are going to take nn hour and a half. After the first look, we’ll typically do couple portraits and wedding party formal photos, too, so those guests can enjoy the rest of the event without worrying if their hair, makeup, and outfits are perfectly placed.  That means all we have to do AFTER the ceremony is your family formals and that takes only 30 minutes. Huzzah! Want more reasons to have a first look?  I have MANY of them to convince you on why you should buck tradition and have one.

Why You should have a first look

Wearing a veil. 

If you’ve decided a veil isn’t for you, watch out for the evil spirits. Just kidding. That is, unless you subscribe to the ancient Greek and Roman belief that veils protect the bride from evil spirits that aim to attack while walking down the aisle. If a veil isn’t your style or simply doesn’t work with your hair, you can opt to wear a hat, headpiece, or nothing at all.

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Pearl engagement rings.

It’s said that pearl engagement rings are bad luck because they’re in the shape of a tear. I call that hocus pocus. Untraditional gemstone and jewel engagement rings are on the rise, and not just because they’re usually more affordable (but that part’s nice, too). They’re timeless in a way that speaks right to the couple’s relationship, rather than going with a pre-designed set. Surprising your partner is nice, and if you’re going way out of bounds, be sure to drop hints to see if an untraditional choice is something they’d be into.

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Wearing a white dress.

Long story short, white wedding dresses weren’t even that popular until Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. And of course, what the Royals do, the world wants to do. There’s also a (gross, outdated) symbol of purity that comes with wearing white—luckily, most people don’t buy into that hoopla anymore. If you’re called to wear a stark white dress, cool, but if you even think for a second you might want a different color, however subtle or bold, go for it! In fact, in cultures around the world, brides wear vibrant golds, reds, and purples. There are no rules except for the ones you decide for yourself!

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Rain (or inclement weather) on your wedding day

Some say it’s good luck and others say it’s bad luck. And some are just pissed off that their dresses and shoes will get muddy. The weather can be unpredictable, but as a photographer, I can tell you that unexpected rain, wind, and snow make for beautiful photographs. Are you really going to let the weather determine the mood for a day you’ve probably spent a year planning? Or the fate of your marriage, at that? Take a breather, call it good luck, and go dance in the rain.

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I’ve always been a fan of non-traditional weddings and whether or not you are getting married at Medieval Times, or in a Magic the Gathering themed wedding, or doing something more traditional I’m here for it.  And so are my wedding planning tips.