One of my groups of friends take a vacation together each year to mountain bike in Moab. I wasn’t able to tag along this May because a little beach vacation to Puerto Rico got in the way. They had a dinner party last week to allow everyone to see all the combined photos from the trip and invited me over to join them.

It’s not a dinner party unless I bring my camera and some homemade bread.

One of the guests recently took a trip to Mexico and came home loaded with yellowfin that he’d caught. He was kind enough to grill some up for us: what a treat!

Grilled Yellowfin

The night included some spoken word poetry, a birthday cake loaded with bike reflectors, great food, lots of laughs, and for some, a bit too much tequila. Oh, and burgers sandwiched between huge slices of my jalapeno cheddar bread.

A manwich this awesome deserved some super cheesy vignetting.

You can see all the photos here, or just skip it and try to contain your jealousy of the awesome food we ate.