Fun Family Portrait Photography – Lake Tahoe, NV

The Kallaher family is like my own personal dream come true. They read that I love happy hour on my website and thus decided to start our family portrait session at their vacation rental with wine and cheese. Be still my heart! They also used to live in Belgium and I spent at least an hour after their session picking their brain on the country and the best places to visit. Their kids were energetic, definately not camera shy, and great to work with. The entire family was relaxed and wasn’t afraid to just let their kids be kids and the end result was a fantastic well rounded gallery of really fun family portrait photography to enjoy for years to come.

Fun Family Portrait Photography Fun Family Portrait Photography

Napa engagement session

Napa Engagement Session | Sarah + Tanner

Sarah and Tanner really wanted their engagement session to feel like a normal day and didn’t want anything too posed or formal.  They had fallen in love with my work through their friend Kelley, whose engagement session to her now husband Neal, was a romp around San Francisco.  Since Sarah and Tanner had already planned a trip with her family out to California, we decided to all meet for a Sunday funday together for their Napa engagement session.  It was a blast!  We played bocce and picnicked at their bungalow on a vineyard to start, took in an incredible vista, went wine tasting at the winery that Tanner’s brother works at, Ashes and Diamonds, and all finished up at an incredible dinner in town at one of their favorite spots.  It was such a great way to get to know the two of them and I had such a blast exploring one of my favorite places.  I’ve since been back to Ashes and Diamonds multiple times because I absolutely fell in love with their wine and I am super excited to photograph their wedding in Aspen, CO over Labor Day weekend this year!

Napa Engagement Session

Tahoe newborn photography

Tahoe Newborn Session | Blasser Family

“You feel like family,” my friends told me after I photographed the birth of their first child.  The experience wasn’t without some complications that left me driving back and forth between the three of their separated family from our homes in Tahoe to both Reno and Carson City, but in the end, and many miles and sleepless nights later, everyone was able to return home together for some sleepless nights there, as nights are apt to be when you have a newborn.

I’m proud of my friends, who also feel like family to me, and their newest addition.  They are already parenting like pros (or, at least, the type of parenting pros that I prefer).  Their kid is pretty damn cute, but then again, I’m biased.

Tahoe newborn photographyTahoe Newborn photographyTahoe newborn photographyTahoe newborn PhotographyTahoe newborn photographyTahoe newborn photographyTahoe newborn photographyTahoe newborn photographyTahoe Newborn PhotographyTahoe newborn photographyTahoe newborn photographyTahoe newborn photography