You’ve rebranded your business logo, photos, and maybe even your business strategy. But have you considered the backdoor ways of getting more exposure? Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t as scary as it sounds. Simply put, if you want to be discovered, there are ways for you to increase your chances of being found. Enter SEO. 

When people talk about the “algorithm,” this is what they’re referring to—the special mix of keywords and images on your site rated by search engines (most commonly Google) and ranked in order of quality for people using Google. There are many SEO tasks that should be left to website developers, but here are two, simple tips you most definitely can do to get more exposure on your business site.

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Keyword research

First thing’s first, check out your competition. Google search what someone may look for when searching for you and see what (or who) pops up. For example, someone looking for me may search “Lake Tahoe wedding photographer”. Thanks to my super SEO-optimized site, there I am on the first page. 

Ideally, you want to be on the first or second page for maximum exposure. If you’re not, check out your competition’s sites. Look at the types of content and the quality of the content—are their images high-res? Is their site mobile-friendly? Lastly, look at the words on their site. Where and how often do they mention the keywords or phrases you searched for? 

Get ranked higher by formally researching keyword performance. Tools like Moz and Get Keywords allow a limited number of monthly searches for free so you can keep your site up today throughout the year.

Share linkbacks with other worthy websites and great companies that make sense. By featuring each other on guest blog posts, or linking to other posts where you contributed, you teach google that your site is more credible. Don’t agree to collaborations with just anyone though!  If the company is shady, unprofessional, or including links that aren’t relevant to their clients and customers – google knows! 


Checking if your site is mobile-friendly is an easy way to get ranked higher. Why? Most searches happen from, you guessed it, phones. Top website hosting platforms, like WordPress and Squarespace allow you to view and optimize the mobile version of your site, and if you plan on working with a site developer, be sure to ask how they’ve optimized the site for mobile visitors. 

Optimize your business site for mobile users with these easy steps. Be sure your photos are high-res. There’s nothing more unattractive than a blurry image (especially when you’re a photographer). Double check all images on your site are clear on mobile and desktop in various window sizes.

Lastly, look at how much text is on your site. When it comes to copywriting, less is more. Focus on quality keywords and phrases, and keep your descriptions natural in tone and straightforward. Unless site visitors are seeking to learn about a topic in-depth, assume you have their attention for about 10 seconds of scanning—choose your words wisely!