The competition out there is fierce y’all and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – social media is not a marketing strategy!  If you aren’t using targeted keywords to boost you digital reach and organic lead acquisition, then you are leaving money on the table.  Content creation and strategic marketing are crucial for professional photographers looking to stand out in competitive markets.  My business is consistently leveraged by AI tools like ChatGPT.  I use them to significantly enhance my efficiency and creativity.  If you are ready to level up your marketing and content creation game, I’ve got all the essential ChatGPT prompts for photographers right here.

Marketing tips and essential SEO prompts for creatives
Marketing tips and essential SEO prompts for creatives

Essential ChatGPT Prompts for Photographers

1. Keyword Research and Generation

  • Prompt: “I am a professional wedding photographer in the Lake Tahoe area.  Generate a list of 20 high-ranking keywords related to wedding photography for my market.”
  • Response: While ChatGPT can produce a list of relevant expected keywords, in order to really optimize your blog posts, website content, and social media captions for search engines, you can edit this prompt by also telling it what to exclude.  Or, if you’ve already hit all the basic keyword options (and you never want to repeat them!), ask ChatGPT to provide long-tail keywords which are often less competitive and more targeted, such as “Lake Tahoe adventure elopement photographer” or “winter wedding photography Lake Tahoe”

2. Blog Title Creation with Specified Keywords

  • Prompt: “You are a blog title generator. Provide me with a list of 20 different attention-grabbing and creative titles for professional photographers, with the long-tail keyword “winter wedding photography Lake Tahoe” included in the title. Please generate unique titles that would be easy to read.”
  • Response: ChatGPT can generate SEO-friendly blog titles such as “Mountain Majesty: The Beauty of Winter Wedding Photography in Lake Tahoe,” “Powdered Perfection: Mastering Lake Tahoe’s Winter Wedding Photography,” and “Frosty Fairytales: Crafting Winter Wedding Photos in Lake Tahoe.” By incorporating targeted keywords to improve search engine visibility, and utilizing longtail keywords, you are going to continue to add value to your website, which google loves, while keeping it engaging and creative.  The tl:dr – this drives organic traffic to your blog.

3. SEO-Optimized Blog Posts

  • Prompt: “Write an SEO-optimized blog post outline titled ‘Powdered Perfection: Mastering Lake Tahoe’s Winter Wedding Photography.’”
  • Response: I always start with an outline because sometimes ChatGPT will give you a bunch of superfluous sections that you can easily edit on the front end.  I think ask it to write the post in sections – utilizing what I want to keep and trashing what I find excessive.  Either way, the content is going to be structured, have detail, and include content that is valuable for your SEO game.
Marketing tips and essential SEO prompts for creatives
Marketing tips and essential SEO prompts for creatives

4. Content Calendar Planning

  • Prompt: “I am a professional event photographer in [your market/city]. Help me create a content calendar for my photography blog and social media for the next three months.”
  • Response: If you don’t know where to start or don’t know what a marketing plan is, then let ChatGPT help you. It will outline a schedule with specific topics and posting dates, ensuring a consistent and strategic content flow. For example, it might suggest posting a new blog every Monday, sharing behind-the-scenes Instagram stories every Wednesday, and posting a client testimonial every Friday. Personally, I have a blog post come out every week of the year, which I batch write in advance.  These posts are split between commercial and wedding/portrait focused information, as I provide both types of services.  Those posts then tie into my targeted posts on instagram, facebook business, which I use only for weddings and portraits, and linkedin, which is where all my event, professional tips, and corporate related posts get cross-posted.

5. Marketing Strategy Development

  • Prompt: “Outline a comprehensive marketing strategy for a portrait photographer looking to attract more clients.”
  • Response: You’re going to get back a detailed plan covering social media campaigns, local SEO tactics, networking events, email marketing campaigns, and referral programs. My strategy is heavily focused on SEO – all it costs me is my time.  And while my time is valuable, it’s a PROVEN resource for new lead acquisition. If all you are doing is posting on Instagram and expecting to reach new clients, I assure you that you will fail. While instagram is great to remind former and current clients of your presence, in my experience generating new leads on instagram that are not referrals is rare.
Marketing tips and essential SEO prompts for creatives
Marketing tips and essential SEO prompts for creatives

6. Photo Caption Ideas

  • Prompt: “Using the copy from this blog post, provide 20 creative and engaging captions that are 2-3 sentences long for Instagram photos. [copy and paste blog content].
  • Response: One of my most essential ChatGPT prompts for photographers is this one. I use it almost weekly! If you ever lack ideas or a framework for what to post on instagram, tying them into your scheduled blog posts is a great and incredibly easy way to repurpose your content.  Make sure that you give a specific number of captions that you would like and include the blog copy in the same prompt (not a second one).  AI will provide you with captions that quickly and efficiently summarize the essence of the post and include relevant hashtags.

7. Hashtag Generation

  • Prompt: “Generate a list of 30 effective hashtags for a family portrait photography Instagram post that takes place in Sacramento.”
  • Response: Also another one of my most essential ChatGPT prompts for photographers is this one. Instagram prefers when you don’t reuse the same hashtags frequently. I like to mix up my content on there between corporate, marketing/branding, portrait, and wedding work.  Given that I work all over the US, this prompt allows me to effectively make sure that my hashtags are location specific for each image.